Is There A Cover Up In AD Office Or Is History Repeating Itself At WCC? By Zachery Gates II

On Thursday October 13th following a Westchester Community College (WCC) volleyball game Mikaelyn Hannon a middle blocker on the WCC Women’s Volleyball team was involved in a physical altercation against three women. Two of them weren’t currently WCC students. However, one who chose to join in the altercation is WCC basketball player Adriana McFadden. In all accounts Mikaelyn initiated the altercation, according to witnesses after much provocation. The fight was broken up by an assistant basketball coach who was notified by students. No injuries were reported. The four women left the campus following the encounter.  

WCC Athletic Director Michael Belfiore [Black Westchester]

Mikaelyn was advised by WCC Athletic Director Michael Belfiore that she would be suspended from playing pending an investigation but that he was “recusing himself because it was his program?” Mikaelyn could not go to any Viking games, practices, or facilities. There was at that time any mention of the disciplinary action to the other women involved. Mrs. Hannon (Mikaelyn’s mother) was later told by fellow students that although Adriana was an active participant in the altercation, she did not even miss a basketball practice following the incident.

A meeting occurred on Thursday, October 20th between Mikaelyn, AD Belfiore, and Mikaelyn’s father. AD Belfiore explained that the two non-students had been “banned” from the campus for their actions on the thirteenth. Mikaelyn’s suspension was continuing (now 4 games) while the County Police concluded an investigation to an incident where no one was injured, and no crimes had occurred. When Mikaelyn’s parents inquired about Adriana not being disciplined and practicing, Mr. Belfiore stated “he was not liable to talk about other students on the basketball team.”

One has to ask, is there preferential treatment with the school’s Basketball team. Mikaelyn is suspended pending an investigation and prohibited Viking games, practices, or facilities. The two non-students have been “banned” from the campus but Adriana McFadden – who chose to join in the fight – hasn’t even be required a practice. Is McFadden receiving preferential treatment?

Mr. Hannon told Black Westchester he “reminded Mr. Belfiore about the college’s history regarding the basketball team and scandal. The Ad really didn’t want to debate the issue any further. By his attitude he knew about the history, he has held the position since 2015.”

If it wasn’t for the heroics of the basketball coach those three women would have jumped my daughter, and someone could have gotten hurt. It has come to the attention of BW that the Assistant Basketball coach who intervened and saved four women from harmed by breaking up the fight has been threaten with termination by the AD if Mr. Hannon continues to pursue this matter any further.

The Hannons stated they have been trying to contact college President Dr. Belinda S. Miles to discuss the actions of the Athletic Director but have gotten no response. Either her secretary isn’t giving her the messages, or she is choosing not to respond. It would appear that this would be an issue the President would want to look into because it covers security or lack thereof, preferential treatment, threats, and cover ups. All the black eyes that WCC does want or need.