Looks Like Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Wants To Have Term Limits Extended So He Can Run Yet Again

The mayor of New York’s third-largest city said he is “strongly” considering seeking a fourth term in an exclusive interview with News 12 senior investigative reporter Tara Rosenblum. Mayor Mike Spano spoke with to News 12 late Thursday afternoon about his thoughts on staying at City Hall for another four years.

“I love being mayor and something I would strongly consider,” he said.

This isn’t the first time. Up until 2018 the Yonkers City Charter limited the mayor to two terms, but ahead of the 2019 election, the City Council voted to extend term limits and Mayor Mike Spano ran and won the election to serve a third term. This however was after coming on Black Westchester’s People Before Politics Radio Show, exactly four years ago on Sunday, October 28, 2018, and telling the crew he had no intention of running for a third term, even if they extended term limits (see video below).

Shortly after we received a call from the mayor’s office informing us when Mayor Spano appeared on our show, he meant what he said but community leaders like Jim Bostic were calling for him to run again. Now is 2022, it appears history is repeating itself and Mike Spano is strongly considering running for a fourth term, which will again require another City Council vote to extend term limits. Four out of the seven members of the City Council have to approve a change to the city charter that would increase the term limits for mayor from three to four terms.   

Four years later to the week after tell us he would not run again, Mayor Spano now tells news 12, his anticipated decision comes on the heels of several prominent leaders across the city publicly urging him to stay in office, including the leader of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce – who sent a letter to the City Council president this week.

Mayor Spano is approaching the end of year three in his third term. If he does in fact decide to run it will be in the 2023 Democratic primary where he will face newcomer Prince Robinson – who has recently announced his candidacy to be Yonkers youngest Mayor – and possibly others, whose names have been thrown around, who also haven’t officially announced.

Will Spano run again, for a fourth term – second term after promising he wasn’t running again? Will the City Council vote to extend term limits to make way for Spano to run for a fourth term? We will have to wait and see. This just another one of the eight million stories in the city of hills.

According to News 12, sources say that that Spano is expected to make a formal announcement after Election Day about his candidacy for another four-year term in office.