Inside Yonkers’ City Talk With AJ Woodson Discussing Female COs Without Maternity Leave & More

BW Editor-In-Chief AJ Woodson was invited to appear on Episode 3 of Yonkers Insider’s City Talk with Anderson Dnalf Sr, Thursday, September 29, 2022 to discuss female correction officers at the Norwood E. Jackson Correctional Facility Valhalla Campus – Westchester County Jail – being sexually harassed and attack by inmates, having no maturity leave, a captain creating a hostile work place. (see video below).

You heard me mention the female county correction officers who testified before the County Legislators Public Safety Committee on the dangers and Harassment of female officers by inmates, click here to see video of their testimony. Sexual Harassment of female Correction officers has been a growing and ignored problem when correction management isn’t mindful of the predatory sexual behavior in America’s detention facilities.

As part of our follow up we reached out to the District Attorney Mimi Rocah who brings a critical perspective to this issue, having not only served as a prosecutor for 16 years, but also having had a family member be victimized by sexual violence – a family member who reported the attack to the police, but never got justice because it was never investigated or prosecuted. She informed us she was never contacted by the county jail officials and she only became aware of it when the video of the testimony was shared on social media.

Black Westchester has been investigating these issues and other allegations brought to our attention by several county correction officers including their fight for maternity leave despite elected officials claiming to be for women’s rights, an abusive captain creating a hostile workplace and much more. Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story!

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