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BW ALERT: Public Hearing Jan. 23 On Increasing Bee-Line Bus Fares as Part of the MTA’s Fare Increase

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The Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation will conduct a public hearing on Monday, January 23, from 6 to 9 p.m. Westchester County Center at 198 Central Avenue in White Plains, to seek comment on the adoption of the proposed Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) fare increase for the Bee-Line System and the proposed increase to the student MetroCard fare.

The county system is part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s MetroCard system, but final approval of the changes in Bee-Line Bus fares also must be given by the county department. The fare increases would be identical to those on the MTA New York City Transit system that will go into effect March 3.

The MTA Board is currently soliciting public comment on the proposals in the table below with respect to bus fares.  Two proposed fare structures are being considered by the MTA.

  • Senior Citizen and Disabled Reduced Fares would be slightly less than half of the Base Fare under Proposal #1 and would remain at half of the Base Fare under Proposal #2.
  • There will be no fare changes on the Bee-Line BxM4C (Westchester-Manhattan Express).
  • The student MetroCard cost is proposed to increase to $60, from the current $58 based on the MTA fare increase.

Those in attendance at the hearing will be given an opportunity to speak. Persons wishing to provide comments in writing may do so at the hearing, e-mail them to beeline@weschestergov.comor mail them to the Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation, 100 E. 1St., Mount Vernon, New York 10550. All written comments must be received at the above addresses by the close of business on January 25, 2017.

The Westchester County Center is located at 198 Central Avenue and is an accessible building. For further information, the public may visit the Bee-Line System website at


El Departamento de Obras Públicas y Transporte del Condado de Westchester conducirá una audiencia pública el lunes, 23 de enero de 6pm a 9pm en el Centro del Condado de Westchester en White Plains, para adquirir comentarios sobre la adopción del aumento de tarifas de la Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte (MTA) propuesto para el Sistema Bee-Line y el aumento propuesto para las tarifas MetroCard estudiantil.

La Junta Directiva de la MTA está actualmente solicitando comentarios públicos sobre las propuestas en la tabla a continuación con respecto a las tarifas de autobús. La MTA está examinando dos propuestas de tarifas.

  • Las Tarifas Reducidas para Personas de la Tercera Edad y Discapacitadas serian un poco menos de la mitad de la Tarifa Base bajo la Propuesta #1 y permanecerían a la mitad de la Tarifa Base en la Propuesta #2.
  • No habrá cambios de tarifa en la Bee-Line BxM4C (Westchester-Manhattan Express).
  • Se propone que el costo estudiantil MetroCard aumente a $60, de los $58 actuales basados en el aumento de tarifas de la MTA.

Las personas que asistan a la audiencia tendrán la oportunidad de hablar. Las personas que quieran proveer sus comentarios por escrito lo podrán hacer en la audiencia, envíelos por correo electrónico a o por correo al Departamento de Obras Públicas y Transporte del Condado de Westchester, 100 E. 1st St., Mount Vernon, New York 10550. Todos los comentarios escritos deben ser recibidos en las direcciones mencionadas hasta el final del día laboral el 25 de enero, 2017.

El Centro del Condado está localizado en 198 Central Avenue y es un edificio accesible. Para más información, puede visitar la página del Sistema Bee-Line en

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Carol January 25, 2017 at 12:58 AM

Yo what’s up with Westchester all this Money people are trying to make a living and budget there Money and they talking about the fair going up let it be less and maybe vehicle drivers well use the bus all I have to say Westchester starting to really suck but wtf ya care

CAROL GERMANO January 23, 2017 at 1:15 PM

New busses would be great for Westchester. I have been using primarily Route 20 for 35 years and it is convenient for me. I think Mr. Astorino should check his budget. I think W.C. would have enough $$ in its coffers to cover these additional costs for new busses. This financial burden should not be put on the same people who have

been riding the same routes for year and years. Many of the ridership on the 20 & 21 come all the way up from the Bronx to White Plains.


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