May 28, 2023
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IBW Year End Appeal – 2015 by Dr. Ron Daniels

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Dear Friends in the Struggle,

First let me earnestly thank all of our many friends and supporters whose human, material and financial contributions have enabled the Institute of the Black World 21st Century to emerge as a significant force in Black America and the Pan-African world. The Report below is a testament to this accomplishment. We really appreciate your support. Our challenge is to build on this base so that we have an even greater impact on the fate and future of people of African descent in these critical times.

The cold reality is that much of the programmatic work that IBW undertakes will not be funded by foundations or corporate sponsorships. It’s too Black! The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey built the largest mass-based organization that people of African descent have ever known, solely with contributions from Black people. In that same spirit, IBW is appealing to you to take a moment to read/digest the Report below and if you like what you see, join our campaign to become a people-based, self-support organization by making a generous, tax-deductible contribution. You have the option to designate your contribution for general support, the Reparations Initiative or Haiti Support Project.

In addition, I urge you to become a Member of the Gregory Griffin Circle of Sustaining Contributors by agreeing to donate just $10.00 a month to IBW. Thank you so much for taking time to read this appeal, the Report and responding affirmatively. God and the Ancestors will bless you!

Yours in the struggle,




Dr. Ron Daniels,
Institute of the Black World 21st Century

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