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So this comes on the heels of the outcome of the PHILANDO CASTILE shooting.

– INSPIRED BY Trevor Noah and The Daily Show!

It seems that when the news breaks and whatever the flimsy excuse is for UNJUSTIFIED SHOOTINGS, we who are Black in America and I will also say around the World, wait for the outcome of Justice and Fairness pretty much in vain…

We teach our children to call for help, to dial 911…
But for his daughter who was 4 years old in the back seat of that car. Her little ears hearing and eyes watching multiple shots and flashes from the gun. Those 7 bullets pumped into her dad….her protector….her hero….. That very little girls boogie man, her monster in her nightmares is now going to be represented by a uniform…

“POP,…POP…POP…POP…POP…POP…POP……………” Forever ringing in her ears…..

What of his girlfriend who had a calm like none I have seen, and the resolve to document a police-involved shooting while still complying with the officers commands as your loved ones life leaves from his body right beside you….?

I am speaking on those officers who misrepresent the uniform. Those officers who make it hard for real Police, the Upstanding, Courteous, Helpful, Clear Headed Officers who wear the uniform and do their very difficult jobs….

So back to the question which “BECOMES”, if you are complying with instructions to show papers….. If you have and own a gun legally under the law, what do you think the outcome may be for you a Black American, in front of the wrong officer????
BTW the NRA who stand for the rights of citizens to be lawfully armed is SILENT.. They that defend open carry state laws!! You are asking for a problem if you are a person of color!! It has already been documented on hidden video! Did someone, some group decided in a back room that those rights pertained to a separate citizenry of America? But Yes, the often unapologetic NRA’s silence is deafening!!

So man, child, woman, pregnant women, elderly, the unarmed, in compliance of orders, stopped for traffic violation, on the ground protecting Autistic client, in your stairwell where you live, chased into your home if you are a teenager, called the “N” word and killed in your home if your life alert pendant goes off, calling for help for a family member of any age, any gender that is in a mental health crisis, kicked while you are on fire and you are the wrong person(That person was Hispanic) but the list of unreasonable reasons is exhaustive and endless….so again and lastly I ask…HOW DOES A BLACK PERSON NOT GET SHOT IN AMERICA… And when does the punishment fit when it is clearly a crime…??? .I’LL WAIT……………….


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