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HOPE – Noo Music from Peekskill’s Mayor Andre “Noodle Noo” Rainey

Outside of Peekskill, many may not know that Andre Rainey was a rapper before he became the youngest councilman and then the youngest mayor of the city of Peekskill. Known in Hip-Hop circles as Noodle or Noodle Noo, he took this time to bless us with some much-needed hope in the form of Politics-N-Music. He reminds us whatever you are experiencing, always keep hope alive. The most important impact we have on each other is through how we affect each other’s hopes.

“This pandemic has given me time to do, what I think I do best. Inspire, through music. Take a listen to this track, give me your feedback. If you think it’s good and helpful, please share this link on any platform you have. Otherwise, your listening is enough for me. I’ve finalized my newest project, as a Mayor, called Politics-N-Music and this will be the first track we release this summer. You’ll be able to download this song, and the album soon. In the meantime, let me know what you think!,” Andre “Noodle Noo” Rainey.

To give you a break from all this madness going on Black Westchester proudly presents to you Hope by Noodle featuring Shane Tu Kora.

Hope- The purpose of this song is to remind people that hope is the Positive Expectation of a Better Future. We made this the first song on the album to give people hope for a better future, as well as to prepare the listeners for a ride they’ll hopefully never forget. The lyrics express the need for hope and desires to self reflect and improve. Using the platform of music to promote hope will motivate listeners to take positive and proactive actions. Hope becomes a fuel that helps remind listeners to make the most of the hardest situations. Noodle hopes to get everyone in the world to believe. Many don’t understand positive thinking and hope. For them, Noodle says, “Through it all, I’d never give up on my people.” People all over the world are suffering from stress, finances, wars, relationships, employment challenges, and the list goes on. You must have hope. You must have this song in your life. The angelic voice of Shane Tu Kora just creates a powerful frequency that will inspire anyone to sing along and believe. The extended verse from Noodle will make any listener feel like a billionaire. The interruption of the song, on the album version, shows Noodle rapping his heart out, then accidentally being interrupted, yet guided by the producer M-Nasty, goes back in the studio without a negative response or attitude. We must control our emotions in times of challenge and focus on the prize. The prize is getting, successfully to the finish line. Whatever you experience, keep hope alive. The most important impact we have on each other is through how we affect each other’s hopes. This song, Hope, inspires this message.


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