Hip-Hop-Prosy Is Destroying Countries – by Helena R Edwards

Today, the focus is not on doing what is right. Rather, it is on doing what is popular no matter how stupid the idea. It’s the Hip Hop culture to be “Hip” meaning popular; in style; “kool” and in most cases “fools.”

We cannot escape the foolishness that is promoted. Who thought that grown men would be wearing their pa

nts some size larger and having their pants hanging off their behinds so that all can see their underwear?

Whoever thought that children would quit attending school because they see themselves as being “too kool for school.” So they drop out of school and spend their excess time on street corners, many trafficking in contraband, but they are brave enough to dare the police to move them off the street corners.

The container has been shaken and the dregs are floating on the top meanwhile the cream is settled on the bottom. Bad now means great and good means lame. We reward those who do wrong and punish those who do right. This is essentially the approach that is used to govern us.

Well, I think I am looking for a flight to Mars because I want to believe that this Hip-Hop-Prosy virus has not hit there yet and it’s still time for us who reward substance over gimmick to escape this madness that we are now seeing.

Good values are in the toilet and bad values are the “Hip” thing. Girls that want to remain virgins until they are married are rare and they are humiliated. Baby mamas are more popular than wives and the word “whore” has been “Hip-Hop-Prosized” to become “ho.” “Ho” is now an endearing term as well as “bitch” and “shorty” in referring to women. These new terms have replaced words like “darling, sweetheart, honey, sugar, baby” etc.

No self respecting man in this Hip-Hop-Prosy era would run the risk of being humiliated for calling his woman “sweetheart.” He would be mocked in the streets and made fun off, so to avoid any possible humiliation, he would just get with the program and affectionately call his lady a “bitch” or a “Ho.”

So as you all can see, the world is now run by the principle of Hip-Hop-Prosy. There are no ethics and integrity, just plain ole popularity. If it’s popular, it is “kool” and no one wants to be “unkool” so they will rather be fools. However, they deem those who are unpopular the fools. Well, what else can I say other than this world is seriously twisted?