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Has White Feminism Destroyed The Divine Union Between The Black Woman And Black Man?

The 1960s feminist movement founders like Gloria Steinem distorted gender roles to create an industry upon which women could build careers—demanding what should not have required demanding, like equal pay and opportunity. When Black women accepted feminism, the feminist movement pushed back on the God-given duality of the Masculine and feminine in the Black Community. 

Feminism is a significant positive step that has allowed women to express themselves freely, reach greater potential, and have equal rights. However, it also has a dark side related to Black women, Black male and female relationships, the Black family, and the Black community.

What has been purposely overlooked is what are Black women being equal to when the Black man has yet to overcome systematic racism, white supremacy, and lower wages than White men and White women. The notion of being equal has put the Black man in the crosshairs of Black women. We are now culturally conditioned to compete instead of preserving the Black Love that has endured the Black Man, Black Woman, Black Family, and the Black Communities through slavery, Jim Crow, and the fight for Civil Rights. 

The fact is that white women still benefit significantly from the domination of White men and white supremacy. The White Woman still earns more money than the Black Man but tells the Black Woman she should fight the Black man to be equal when the Black man is not even equal to the White woman. The result is a toxic and unhealthy relationship. 

Black women have been bamboozled by the theory of the white feminist movement that has killed chivalry and the divine spiritual duality between Black Men and women. Divine Feminine energy is all the nurturing traits it takes to connect to human beings in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

When dealing with the structure of Black Love, feminism is not feminity; it’s masculinity and has created an unbalanced duality. Instead of fighting together for the rights and benefits, freedom and justice, the notion is that the Black man is just as responsible for the Black women’s inequality. On the contrary, the Black Man does not control policy, legislation, own equity, real estate, or Black Business as the White man or White woman and is just as much a victim as the Black woman. If we are, to be honest, the fear is the divine unity of the strength of the Divine Black man and woman that will foster the safety and security of our community.  

Feminism in modern days refuses to acknowledge the differences between masculine and feminine, not to mention anything of the divinity of the Masculine and feminine. Instead, it focuses on the power struggle, where the differences between men and women are no longer celebrated for their complementary union. 

Nowadays, there is an even more misconception among young Black women that to be a strong independent woman is to their sex appeal to celebrate sexuality and proclaim their power over men.  

Society has encouraged Black women to ignore their divine feminine side. They will promote the physical woman’s side; her body, her sexual nature, material possessions, and divine feminine side are considered weak or something that is beneath today’s Black woman. This causes unhappiness the same way the average Black man feels unhappy due to society’s suppression of his Black Divine Masculinity.

A “Healthy Man” understands that sexuality is not feminity, especially Divine feminity. Not to mention sexuality has a time frame. To maintain a healthy, loving relationship with a “Healthy Man,” women must bring more to the table than sex or sexuality. 

The actual attributes of a Divine Feminine are comforter, nurturer, healer, compassionate, and peacemaker, and she values loyalty between the Divine Masculine and feminine. 

A woman in tune with her Divine feminity also recognizes her natural access to her spiritual qualities like receptivity, patience, ability to listen, and being an inspiration to her men. These qualities outlive the sexual time frame in am relationship with a “Healthy Man.” 

A “Healthy Man” will constantly honor her, provide for her and gift her with Love to the end of time.

According to Nathan Hare, a Black Socio-Psychologist and co-author of the book The Endangered Black Family, Coping with the Unisexualization and Coming Extinction of the Black Race. He states that the women’s liberation movement has not served black people well, even though many blacks have bought into the movement. 

“Unisexualization” is their word for the way society is trying to

“emasculate the black male (and) . . . defeminize the black female,”

which creates sexual conflict.

What is needed is a Divine Black feminine movement. Divinity has always been the core of any movement of Black people in America. Why shouldn’t it be at the center of Black Feminism? However, with no divinity, the result is a witness to some upper-class women trying to out masculine the older feminized Black man and lower-class Black women trying to out nigger the younger ignorant Black males.

What we see in the Black community is a battle of the sexes for the approval of white authority instead of a re-awakening of the Black Feminine, Black Masculine divinity through sacred unions centered in our divine Blackness. 

We must break the illusion of separation of the Divine Black Feminine and Masculine and start the process of healing. In this process, we shall also break the illusion of inclusion that the western white relationship norms are part of our divine culture. 

Black men are more religious than white men but tend to be more spiritual than white women. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, Black women tend to be more religious than Black men – Black men are still a highly religious group. The report also states that Black men are more religious than Hispanic men and at least as religious as Hispanic women on several key indicators of religious observance.

Approximately seven in ten (69%) Black men say religion is essential to them, compared with 80% of black women. But black men place more importance on religion than white women (55%) and Hispanic women (65%). 

Black people attend more church, but statistics show a steady decline in the Black family structure in America. The share among black children who live with married parents is markedly lower—36% of Black children live with married parents. Compared to Asian children (85%) today who live with two married parents, as is the case for most white children (74%) and Hispanic children (61%). 

Many religious Black Pastors are afraid to speak the Divinity of the Black Masculine and Feminine in fear of the current cancel culture. They have turned the Divine male and female Duality into milk toast teaching, resulting in an unbalanced spiritual essence, and generational truama in the Black Community.

Abnormal behavior between Black men and women has taken over what we call a Black culture to the point that we have forgotten divine instincts as Black men to protect our women, children, family, and elderly. This is why toxic masculine individuals can take advantage of the situations within our community through crime, violence, and abuse of women.  

The true Black Devine feminine brings deep wisdom rooted in trusting one’s intuition and heart. It is a passionate, creative, and life-giving force. The true Black Divine feminine supports a deep heartfelt nurturing of all creation and the passing of traditions from one generation to the next.

When an unjust society destroys the Black divine Masculine and feminine by substituting Black Culture with ignorance and toxicity, we look to external authority figures to provide the resources.

This causes an over-reliance on the government. Individualism is prioritized over a sense of the Divine Black family or the Black community. Our society and culture have become further removed from nature and the healthy balance of the Divine, Black Masculine, and the Feminine. This is why nothing changes in the Black community. We have been impersonating someone else’s norms, values, and morals.

Understanding the Black Divine Feminine and Masculine removes judgments and the disconnection of Black males and females. We must reclaim the sacredness of our spiritual union and embrace an alchemical relationship of co-creation centered on all aspects divine of relationships.

If we fail, the Black Family and the Black community will continue their downward spiral.  


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