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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY – Readers Share Their Stories

In the month of May, you can not go anywhere without seeing or hearing commercials about Mother’s Day. With a reservation, you may be waiting for over an hour for a table but one month later in June you can just about walk-in any restaurant without a reservation and be seated right away.

While there is no denying the many cases of absentee dads especially in urban America, but the media very rarely shows you the fathers who do their part, especially in the portrayal of Black People, so we wanted to help change that narrative.

We send out emails to the readers to share their fondest memory or explain to the world why their dad was a great dad. Again if this was Mother’s Day we wouldn’t have had room enough to share all the responses, but it was like pulling teeth just to get some to share, some who I personally have great relationships with their dads.

So this year we present our first Father’s Day tribute where the readers salute their dads. And I will set it off first. Even if you didn’t get a chance to send it in time and want to share please do so in the comment section below. Happy Father’s Day!

AJ Woodson (r) and his dad Jerry Woodson at his 70th birthday party, March 2013 [Black Westchester]

AJ Woodson, Editor-In-Chief of Black Westchester

As children, we do not always appreciate all our fathers do for us. I remember being upset when I was younger when my dad didn’t teach me how to play basketball, football and soccer like my friends and cousins dads, not knowing his father never did that with him. In fact, I have to be honest I didn’t truly appreciate all my dad had done for me, all the sacrifices he made until I became a father. My dad and mom wanting us to have more than they did growing up, purchased a house in Central Islip, Long Island when I was seven. When my parents divorced and I drove my mom crazy, I came back to Mount Vernon to live with him and attended MVHS. Although I gave him plenty of reasons to, he never gave up on me. Even though he had tried to install that nine to five life in my he never really stomped out my entrepreneurial spirit and often supported it when he could. I could fill this with lessons learned, proud moments etc, but it’s not about me, but I could not do this without starting it off by saying Dad I Love You, my dude, my best friend. When it’s all said and done I can only hope I have become half the man you are.

Patty’s Dad – Oswald George Coombs

Patty Coombs, Mount Vernon, NY
What my Daddy means to me. My Daddy was a PHENOMENAL Daddy. Even when he didn’t live with us anymore he still was ALWAYS there. One of my best memories of my Daddy is when he used to take my sister and I walking ALL OVER! He always had his camera, not camera phone back then lol. He always documented our journeys and continued the same tradition with his only granddaughter. Another GREAT memory is when he always went with my daughter camping. Niecy would call him and say “grandpa may I have some johnny cakes” aka fried dumplings lol. He’d wake up early make the johnny cakes, pack her and his sleeping bags and be at the church with her stuff. She was so spoiled, he made sure she had EVERYTHING, Niecy wanted for nothing on those trips. Even as far as going to the store and getting her chips and juice for the bus. Then he would get on the bus with her, put her pillow on his lap, and she would lay her head in his lap and go to sleep. My Daddy ALWAYS made sure Niecy and I were provided for and safe even when he didn’t have much. I’m crying just thinking about these memories of my Daddy. I miss and love you tremendously Daddy. Continue Resting in Paradise Daddy, love Niecy and Patty. Miss and love you Grandpa.

Michelle Harris – Mount Vernon, NY on her Grandfather Walter Royster

Grandpa was always being there for me, as well as all sides of our family and uniting us! At Cookouts, reunions, Etc., bowling, Yankee games, dude ranches, Etc and the music that we Heard in the backdrops. It’s like a symphony to my recollection!
He was an example in so many ways to me and for me! And he never tired! Oh, I’m grateful! But there was some other family Men that.,..I see that are similar.  And feel similar and proud to call my Blood! And you were there thru-out‼️
Thank you and Happy Fathers Day Mr. Woodson!

& Rest in Peace Grandpa you were and always in my heart!

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad. We have been through a lot, but we are still here together, standing side-by-side.

– Love, Shefik, New York, NY

There were lessons shared, taught & hammered
I chose them like they were candy, yet
The lessons stay with me, I may have fought them
As I reflect on them now, there were gems
And better yet, notes of love
Thank you Dad – I’ve learned to treasure them
Your love pluses in my veins now – Miss yoo
– Peter J. Robinson, Jr. – New York, NY

Brenda & her dad, Saturday, March 24, 1990,

Brenda L. Crump, Mount Vernon

Gone from the land of the living but not from my 💔😢

Tyrone Power Marshall
Army Vietnam Veteran
Sunrise: April 12, 1938

Sunset: September 2, 2011.

Fondest Memory:
Saturday, March 24, 1990, the day my father, (my 1st love), walked me down the aisle to my husband (my current love) is, was and will always be my fondest memory. 😍


Tahira DuPree Chase (r) with her dad, Mr. Bobby DuPree

Tahira DuPree Chase – Greenburgh Superintendent of Schools

My dad, Mr. Bobby DuPree, was the first man to show me, unconditional love. He exemplifies all the loving traits a father should display to his daughter. My dad is a man who worked hard for family and provided an excellent childhood for my brothers and me.  Even as an adult, my dad never lets me forget that I am still his little girl… Happy Father’s Day to my amazing Dad. I love you!

Adam Turnage III – Baltimore, MD
Not many words. This good man taught me how to be a good man. RIP Daddy!

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr, with his dad Kenneth Chamberlain Sr and sister Karen MsChambee Smith

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., – White Plains, NY

Fifth Father’s Day without you here and it is no easier than the first. Always thinking about you wishing you were here. I’ve grown so much since you have been gone and I think you would be proud of your SUN.

Missing you but thankful for the time we had so Happy Father’s Day, Dad missing you always loving you forever #Justice4KennethChamberlainSr…… #FamiliesUnited4Justice

David (r) and his father George

David Moffett- Atlanta, Ga

God blessed my sister and I with an earthly father who was and still is my hero! Dad your legacy continues to live through us and your grands with every breath we take. Thank you for the REAL love you gave us (unconditional & tough), I will always carry you with me until I see you again! I miss you dearly, and love you with all my heart! Continue to rest in peace & HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!


Myk Green (r) with his dad Eddie [Black Westchester]

Myk Green, born and raised in New Rochelle, NY now resides in Marietta, Ga.

Wishing My Dad A Big Happy Father’s Day…

I’m So thankful for the tough love and Work Ethics he instilled in me..

Luv you Dad.
Also Wishing All the Real Dads A Happy Father’s Day!

Mount Vernon Fire Commissioner James “Jimmie” Gleason and daughter Cathlin

Cathlin Gleason, Mount Vernon, NY

One of the best Fathers ever. Not only did he watch over our family, but so many others who needed guidance and he never looked for anything in return.


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