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Taking a Stand Against Proliferation of Guns in our Community

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On Monday, I will be voting to ban the sale and distribution of guns and ammunition at Westchester County Center and other County property. I do not believe that County government should be promoting, encouraging, aiding and abetting the proliferation of guns in our community by using taxpayers’ buildings for guns shows.

The proliferation of illegal guns and assault weapons has caused devastation and despair for families whose love ones are victims of senseless gun violence. On New Year’s Eve, we’ve witnessed a 13-year-old Mount Vernon eight grade student became the victim of a crossfire as she sat in the passenger seat of her mother’s car. An innocent life snuffed out. A few days earlier, on Christmas morning, a husband and father of six children was gunned down when a career criminal burst into his business establishment in Mount Vernon killing the owner and injuring several patrons..

We must take a stand against the proliferation of guns in our community. These guns are not manufactured in our city. They are often purchased out-of-state at gun shops and gun shows with weak gun control laws and procedures. Westchester County should not be in the business of aiding and abetting the peddling of dangerous weapons.

Please come out to the Board of Legislator Meeting on Monday at 7pm Floor, 148 Martine Ave., White Plains and speak out.


Lyndon D. Williams


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