Goodbye Mayor Davis, Thank You For Your Service by Helena R. Edwards

Mount Vernon, has Mayor Ernie Davis gone totally senile? When Clinton Young beat Davis in the Democratic Primary in 2008, Davis refused to concede and continued his run on the independent line. Young MASSACRED Davis in the General Election. It was shameful. Apparently, Davis did not learn from that lesson. Now he seems to be attempting to make himself a bigger VILLAGE IDIOT by embarking on a WRITE IN Campaign.

Davis, let me break it down to you, because you seem to be existing in some deep illusion. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: The people of Mount Vernon have SPOKEN. They voted overwhelmingly for Richard Thomas in the Democratic Primary. Davis you are fully aware that Mount Vernon is a Democratic stronghold. The ratio of registered Democrats to Republicans, the closest challenger is 13 to 1. You could not even make a decent showing in 2008 when you had a party line to run on, how do you think you stand a chance as a WRITE IN Candidate?

Maybe if you change your name to MICKEY MOUSE you might stand a chance since Mickey is a popular and well liked character. Mayor Davis, listen to Helena because your advisers are making a village idiot of you. The people of Mount Vernon no longer like you. They are tired of your peccadilloes and when you were CONVICTED of tax evasion, the game was finally over.

The Primary this past September proved that Mount Vernonites do not want to repeat the mistakes of Washington DC with Marion Barry. The black community already had its MASCOT. Mayor Davis, please “Black America” does not need two. So, go home to North Carolina where I am told you have your mansion and Rolls Royce as symbols of your acquired loot. Leave the poor people of Mount Vernon alone so that they can have a fighting chance with a new administration that is not corrupt.

Goodbye Mayor Ernie Davis. Thank you for your service. We no longer need you because you have become a SIDE SHOW with your criminal action and as such, you are a MASCOT for racist Westchester. So do the black people a favor and get lost fast!!


  • Shame on the grown adult who wrote this article. Even if you feel that being a write-in candidate is a bad move, it’s not an excuse for name calling.

    • Jay, I appreciate your comment, but I don’t feel one ounce of shame. Do you want to know why? I am not a convicted criminal who does not know when to call it quits. Someone must tell the truth and so I will voluntarily do it. Infinite love to you

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