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Cathlin Gleason-Boncardo Rejects Divisive and Un-Democratic Actions of Secret Committee

Gleason Continues Inclusive Campaign for City Council

In response to the actions of the Mount Vernon City Democratic Committee today, City Council candidate Cathlin Gleason-Boncardohas issued this statement:

Sadly, the Democratic Committee in Mount Vernon has decided to take democracy out of its name. After an open and fair selection by our District Leaders at our convention in February, a tiny and secretive group of insiders has decided to strip me of the Committee’s nomination – with no vote. This un-democratic group gave me exactly ONE HOUR to respond to a text asking whose petitions I would be on. I had to find out officially about their decision from Facebook. The Chairman acted unilaterally, and did not have the common courtesy to call me.

When I told the Committee that I would gladly appear on the petitions of both the Mount Vernon Democrats – whose endorsement I earned in a vote of hundreds of committed Democratic leaders – and the citizens group MV Forward, I was told I couldn’t be on both. My so-called “crime?” Seeking a broad base of Democratic support from a wide range of citizens groups for my candidacy. THIS is what is broken in Mount Vernon politics. THIS is why I’m running. We must fix a system that discourages people from becoming involved in public life and growing the base of our great Democratic Party. I intend to seek a broad range of support in this campaign, from citizens groups like MV Forward to our business community and organized labor. That’s how we move forward.

Although I believe the Committee’s action was not in keeping with the bylaws of the party – and was undertaken capriciously and in secret – I have decided to forego any legal action in this case so as not to add to the negative press that has descended upon Mount Vernon as a result over constant  lawsuits and bickering. Instead, I’m taking my campaign directly to the Democrats of Mount Vernon and will run an aggressive, well-funded, and inclusive campaign to change the politics of this city.

As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris said throughout these last months, our doors must be open, we must have diversity and transparency and honesty in our party and in our government. I’m disappointed in the actions of this secretive group of insiders. But I am unbowed, and I will continue to pay it forward. I have worked really hard for this community and will continue to do so. Let’s not go backwards, let us move Mount Vernon Forward together!

On Wednesday, February 24th the MVDCC sent a letter to District Leaders, that they will be withdrawing their endorsement of Gleason and that Lauren S. Carter will be the newly appointed City Council member candidate replacing Gleason.

MV Forward 2021 Ticket – Cathlin Gleason-Boncardo, Ed Poteat and Danielle Browne

For those of you keeping score, MV Forward 2021 ticket is Cathlin Gleason-Boncardo, Danielle Browne and Ed Poteat, the party slate now consist of Lauren Cater, Councilwoman Janice Duarte and André Wallace. Other City Council candidates include , Nicole Lucio and Gregory Cannata, who are running in tandem, then you have Councilwoman Delia Farquharson is also running for re-election and candidate Hope Marable as well.

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on the 2021 Mount Vernon Democratic Primary, which has all the makings of another heated race.


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