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Giuliani & Fox News Slam Beyoncé SB 50 Performance “She Attacked Police”

Giuliani condemns Beyoncé's halftime performance at Super Bowl 50 as "outrageous" because of its apparent allusions to the Black Panthers

maxresdefault (5)The day after Super Bowl 50 everyone has had something to say about The Beyoncé Super Bowl 50 Halftime performance. Critics that disapprove of her performance including Fox News & Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani went as far as to say that Beyoncé’s performance was an “outrageous attack on police officers.”

Fox News Attacks the Beyoncé Super Bowl Salute To Black Lives Matter! “She Used It As A Platform To Attack Police Officers”
The hosts of Fox & Friends and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani accused Beyoncé of not providing “wholesome” entertainment at Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 because her performance was a tribute to Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers. Co-host Anna Kooiman told Giuliani that Beyoncé saluted the Black Lives Matter movement even though she had gotten a police escort for the game.

Check out Fox News and Former Mayor Giuliani had to say and feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback in comment section below.


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