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GangLand Politics Played by Dems Against Bernie Sanders

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After a decisive win for Senator Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin, the Clinton campaign decided they will end the Sanders Campaign by taking the gloves off in the battle for the Democratic nomination in NY. This means they are planning to play hardball to shake off the pesky upstart. The Democratic Party has a problem,  Bernie Sanders is growing in popularity. He is cutting into Hillary’s support from minorities who the mainstream media claim is her base. Sanders has won in seven of the last eight states by large margins. Out raising Clinton in campaign contributions, Bernie plans on taking his show all the way to the convention in July.

This is not what the status quo or the Democrats wanted. In this presidential primary the Democratic party concocted a primary on level best to prevent any real challenge to the front-runner Hillary Clinton, but didn’t predict the grassroots rise of Sanders. Early in the primary, former Gov. O’malley was outspoken against Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and accused the DNC  of rigging the primary in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Now the former Senator, Secretary of State and First Lady has officially gone negative. She is now playing gangland politics and attacking Sanders allegiance to the Democratic Party.  Clinton who grew up in a Republican household and was briefly a Republican when she went to Wellesley College in 1965 has accused Sanders of being a “Dem-come-lately.” The phrase spread across the internet. Besides the inherent corniness of the expression, the tone deafness elicits laughter in those that know that the Democratic brand is failing.

The powers of the Status quo did not think the primary would go this far and now Clinton’s baggage seems heavier by the minute but the press have failed to point it out.

Clinton is banking that most of the media will continue to ignore the email scandal and other well documented indiscretions. Democratic elites and their media allies have invested their hopes for 2016 on Mrs. Clinton’s electoral inevitability. The Vermont socialist’s latest polling boomlet is a message that many rank-and-file Democrats are having second thoughts.

She may have stood on stage with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo supporting New York’s $15 per hour minimum wage, now that she wants your vote. But the New York media conveniently forgot that she opposed raising the national minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Hillary Clinton on MSNBC stated in her most clear language yet that she supports a $12 an hour minimum wage, which falls short of the level sought by many labor unions but is higher than the one favored by President Obama.

“I favor a $12 an hour minimum wage at the federal level,” Clinton said at a town hall in Coralville, Iowa. “That would be setting it at a level that would be equivalent to the point in our history where the minimum wage was at its highest” since 1986, she said.

The second lie. Blaming Senator Sanders and the tiny State of Vermont for the illegal guns in Greater New York City. The ATF says that is incorrect. Most came from the southern part of the I-95 corridor and Upstate New York. An additional issue is an uptick in the drug trade around heroin. That may be a little too nuanced for the Clinton fan club.

The third lie. Blaming Bernie Sanders for Sandy Hook was a bridge too far. But not for the Clintons. The campaign could have used any of the many mass shootings to get her (shaky) point across. She chose dead children. The children of Sandy Hook Elementary. The tragedy that should have broken the stranglehold of the NRA on our government is the one she chose. This was not happenstance. It is cold, calculated and political malevolence. It is despicable. That is why it will backfire. The sheer transparent nastiness takes this fight to a whole different level. Gloves come off on both sides.

This is the Clintons style of politics, they did it to Obama in 2008. They used Rev. Wright against him and made him denounce Farrakhan.

Here is where Hillary hurls her biggest lie. Along with the Daily News not reporting the facts to allow Hillary to try to get Bernie Sanders. That would be more than sufficient for the frustration to set in. His statements on guns in the Daily News have been taken out of context. Trap sprung.

This is exactly what was said, in context and unedited (read full Daily News Transcript here)

Daily News: So speaking of New York and issues important to New York and speaking of death. Last year, after the Oregon Community College shootings, you promised a comprehensive gun control agenda. When are we going to see that and what can you tell us…

Sanders: Well, I’ve talked about it, you have seen it. What the agenda is very similar to where to where President Obama is. President Obama said at that Oregon speech…… with a great deal of emotion. That he thought this was an issue that’s never going to be permanently solved. Nobody can guarantee that some lunatic is not going to pick up a gun today and kill people. But we have to do the best that we can to prevent those type of killings. And what we do, in my view, is significantly strengthen and expand the instant background check. What we do is do away with the gun show loophole, where people now are buying guns from unlicensed dealers. What we do is do away with the straw man provision, where you can buy a gun legally and then sell it to somebody who’s a criminal. I think what we also is significantly expand mental health capabilities to try to address the fact that we have thousands of people walking in this country today who are suicidal and homicidal. So I support pretty much the President’s agenda.

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