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From Prison To Platinum – The Story Of Johnnie Bunting Jr.

Johnnie Bunting Jr., is the proud new owner of the Platinum Hand Car Wash located at 40 W. Lincoln Avenue in Mount Vernon New York. His story leading up to this is quite an interesting and very inspiring one.

Like many inner-city youth, Johnnie ran the streets in his younger years.

Johnnie was arrested at the age of seventeen, in 1989 for murder, and served 25 years, seven months and five days incarcerated, before being released on January 6, 2015, with Life parole supervision.

Since his release, he has been on a tireless mission to help educate, guide, and mentor the youth. He has spoken at schools all around Mount Vernon: Mount Vernon High, Mandela, Thornton, AB Davis, Benjamin Turner, and Grimes.

He has also spoken at Fordham University and Hunter college concerning the subject of solitary confinement and it’s affect on the human psyche. He received his Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from TCI college in June of 2016 with a 3.8 GPA (magna cum laude).

He started his first business, Krhyme Publishing, while in prison and published two of his own novels, Son of Solomon (won an editor’s choice award) and Enterprise Corruption.

He has formed more businesses since his release, and his corporation, Bunting Enterprises, Inc. purchased Platinum Hand Car Wash on June 1 and had his Grand Opening on Sunday, June 24th.

Johnnie has been hiring young people from the community in hopes that having them earn an honest living will keep them from facing the temptation to go to the streets for money. He has also done work with NewFlex Youth, Inc. in Mount Vernon as a coach and mentor to the children in our community.

Johnnie has been discharged from parole supervision after serving three years because of his numerous accomplishments and his stellar behavior. He serves as an example to inner-city youth everywhere, how one can turn their life around and to not have to let mistakes of the past, dictate their future.

BW Publisher, Damon K. Jones stopped by the Grand Opening to get a car wash. BW salutes Mr. Johnnie Bunting Jr, who went from Prison To Platinum!


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  1. Mr Bunting displays an amazing attitude and his performance has been outstanding in the communities..I always felt for one to teach ours one should have experience, Johnnie has more than experience. He is equipt with the experience and mental capacity to teach and reach what plagues the Black youth in our communities ..He also is qualified to wake them up to see what is on the other side of the behavior they display I commend Johnnie on his accomplishments and welcome him back into society..His story is one for our books of each one teach one … I enjoyed reading about this Black man it goes from what was negative turned positive and that is a story that we as a peole rarely read about our own

    • Thank you Dee for your comment, to tell the stories like Johnnie Buntin Jr’s is one of the of the main reasons we started Black Westchester, to help change the narrative of the negative portrayal of Black Men in the media.

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