Former Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey Advocates For Father’s Right

Former Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey – a strong advocate for Father’s Rights – led a protest against the failed Child Support system in front of Dutchess Family Court, Friday, April 29th. Andre appeared of Black Westchester’s People Before Politics Radio Show, Sunday, May 1st to discuss the peacefully protest and rally in Poughkeepsie, share how he feels he was unfairly treated by the court, educate fathers to their rights and his fight for new legislation on Shared Parenting, states like Kentucky have passed.

Why is the former Peekskill mayor discussing Kentucky’s popular joint-custody laws? The year before Kentucky had any shared parenting laws, beginning July 14, 2016, and lasting 365 days, there were 22,512 family court cases filed. They declined to 21,847 the year the partial shared parenting law began. When the complete shared parenting law took effect in the last 12 months, new cases plummeted to 19,991. In other words, Kentucky’s families filed to sue each other in family court more than 11% less despite the state’s population growth. Rainey is strongly advocating for New York legislators to pass similar legislation. You can read more about Kentucky’s popular joint-custody laws here.

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC) is another advocacy organization in support of shared parenting. The ACFC works closely with pro-family and civil liberties groups throughout the country in an effort to promote equal rights for both parents in family courts throughout the U.S. The group also works to help shape family law legislation and raise public awareness around the issue of children needing both parents.

Other resources for Fathers:

The Fathers’ Rights Movement is a group of men and women who are committed to helping loving fathers enjoy their full rights and responsibilities, as well as helping children have their fathers in their lives. 

The Black Fathers Foundation operates with the knowledge that  providing resources which allow Black men, as leaders of organizations and households, to carry out their work and serve most effectively, and to tell their own stories of who they are, is imperative. Other people’s perceptions of who we are do not shape our realities. We do. Nor do the limitations others place on us define what we can achieve. We do.

Fathers Helping Fathers is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Fathers rights and helping Fathers through difficult child custody issues. It’s their mission to provide support and a forum to get ample information.

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