Former NYC Vice Principal Hit With Federal Racial Discrimination Hired by MVCSD Now Being Sued in Mt Vernon

Over the past ten days, Black Westchester has received several calls and email from parents and even a few staff members about the Mount Vernon City School District (MVCSD). While some didn’t want to go on the record for fear or retaliation, a few have written Letters To The Editor. The latest complaint we recieved had to do with the hiring of Karalyne Sperling, EdM, MSEd, a NYC Vice Principal, who left her tenured position after being hit with a federal racial discrimination lawsuit.

MVCSD Superintendent of schools Dr. Kenneth Hamilton we were informed approved the hiring of Karalyne Sperling. Sperling who is now a Special Education Supervisor in Mount Vernon’s schools. She is currently being sued (again) for racial discrimination, right here in Mt Vernon. 

You can view the Mt. Vernon lawsuit at;

It appears that an out of court settlement was made in the Sperling NYC case. After the accusation, Sperling left her Vice Principal position and was unemployed for quite a long time. Although there was no settlement announced, it is obvious that Sperling gave up her Tenured Vice Principal position, something no one does unless they retire. She still wanted to work. We are told that Dr. Hamilton was aware of this explosive situation, but “continues to disrespect this community by protecting Ms. Sperling,” one parent told Black Westchester. He is also aware that Sperling is named in a racial discrimination lawsuit right here in Mt Vernon, under his watch.

Glenn v. N.Y.C. Dep't of Educ by BLACK WESTCHESTER MAGAZINE on Scribd

“The Superintendent wants us to believe Sperling did nothing wrong, because the NYC case was not listed as resolved. While Hamilton protects Sperling, his administration pushed out Black Special Ed employees who were advocates for our children. Some were ask to change student evaluations to keep services from needy students, and were falsely written up,” informed one staff member who did not want to be named. 

“Felicia Schinella, Trinse Leary, Michele Bryan, Sherida Moore and Essence Ware Bryant were all employed, cared for our children too much and were let go. Some employees who remain are being harassed. It is reported that frustrated employees and parents  tried to contact the Superintendent, but were ignored,” the employee continued.  

Mt Vernon’s special education is known for not supplying state mandated services to students. In 2017, Mt Vernon Schools were sued for discriminating policies effecting special education children. Unfortunately, these ugly practices continue to exist. Children are still wrongly denied services, are hurt educationally and are hurt physically. Department employees are often written up, disciplined, and even fired, for simply advising parents of options they can use to help their child. . 

Black Westchester will be reaching out to Dr. Hamilton to give him a chance to response to this latest complaint we received and will run his response.

  • I just read the nyc lawsuit – it was found to be baseless and was dismissed in PRINCIPAL Sperling’s favor.
    I hope for your sake that your lawyer is good at defending slander suits.

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