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Fit Friday: “A$$ to Grass..” The Perfect Squat

Everyone wants the perfect derrière, but truth is many aren’t born with it. There is hope for those willing to put in the work and you can indeed reshape the one you have without going under the knife! Here’s a couple of my favorite squat techniques to help improve size and shape of your glutes..

(Please consult your physician before performing any of these exercises!!)

The Game Changer : BACK SQUAT

Targets: Posterior chain power, Glutes, Legs
The back squat is the king of the strength-building world, we are privileged to take part. It’s the most commonly utilized form of squatting outside of the half-squat, and the most effective for strengthening the lower body.
The back squat places greater emphasis on the muscles of the posterior chain, like the glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors, than other squat forms. An unparalleled lower-body mass-builder, so if size is what you’re after, you need to give this a go!!
Technique: Grab the barbell with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width, step under bar and place it across your upper back just below the top of your traps. Keep your shoulder blades pulled tightly together and maintain a tight upper back throughout lift.
Step out of rack and initiate movement by pushing your hips behind you. Keep your chest up and maintain arched back while lowering yourself until the crease of your hip is lower than the top of your knees. Reverse the movement until back to the starting position. That’s considered one rep. Do 3 sets of 10 at the least. To build mass add 5-10 pounds of more weight each rep.

Targets: Balanced leg strength, core and upper back strength
The front squat is very popular amoungst athletes, partially because of its prominence in CrossFit protocols. It’s also a crucial component of Olympic lifts and harder to do really badly than a back squat.

The front squat puts much more emphasis on the quadriceps and upper back than the traditional back squat by relocating barbell to front, yet still trains the glutes and hamstrings as well. Very effective in reshaping the glutes.

Technique : Use a clean grip for the front squat. To perform it this way, grab a barbell or two kettleballs (as pictured above) with a grip slightly wider than shoulder-width. Swing your elbows under the bar or kettleballs until they are pointing forward and it rests across your shoulders in front of you.
Keep your elbows pointed forward throughout Ther lift. Squat while keeping your weight on your heels. Keep your chest and elbows up. When you return to standing position that’s considered one rep. Do 3 sets of 10.
Honorable Mention: ONE-LEGGED SQUAT

Targets : Balance, mobility, high-tension strength
The one-legged squat, or as some may know it as the pistol squat, is more common and is the ultimate test of unilateral lower body strength. As with other feats of strength the one-legged squat requires mastery of your bodyweight, balance, and skill. When conquered , it is an excellent way to build strength throughout the lower body.

Technique : There a a few variations, building a one-legged squat can be difficult, so approach it as a long-term goal. Start by squatting to a high box or bench, being careful to lower yourself under control especially if your using weights in each hand. Once you can do a few reps at a certain height, lower or take away the box and repeat.
Eventually with practice you should be able to work your way down to a full one-legged squat. Some people find that holding a light dumbbell or plate in front of them helps with balance m, but keep it light. In time, you might be able to perform a one-legged squat with more added resistance per rep..
Which one is the best for you..?

It truly depends on your individual needs. Use one or combine all for best results! Whether you’ve lost weight and are beginning to tone up, or simply would like to build your glutes instead of paying for one, with these exercises you will be looking and feeling great in no time! Feel free to leave comments on what your favorite glute building exercises are!


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