June 10, 2023

Enertainment Spotlight: Felicia Adams

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I met this beautiful soul about 20 years ago. At that time she was doing some amazing things in the music business many of us could only dream of! She was on top of the world tasting the piquancy of success and couldn’t get enough. As luck would have it, her talent enabled her to work with platinum selling icons like Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Tamia, Heavy D, Case and some of hiphop’s most influential music producers like Eddie F, Tony Dofat, and Dave Hall just to name a few. She was also featured on the soundtrack of the classic John Singleton film Baby Boy. When your raw vocals lands you a major deal with one of the most recognized names in the music industry L. A. Reid of LaFace records, and you’ve worked alongside industry greats, a monumental celebration should be underway right?? What happens when everything you experience becomes a stark contrast to what you envisioned or how you dreamt it would be?? Who do you turn to when the very thing you love and have been blessed with becomes a burdensome embarrassment and increasingly difficult to hold on to?? Well this tenacious beauty knows a thing or two about surviving the vicissitudes life can throw your way. In fact, she is proof that God knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to timing, pain is priceless and not to be squandered but used as a testimony to uplift someone else! That is exactly what she is doing as she walks in her purpose. It is such an honor to introduce the silky voiced songstress, one of Westchester’s best kept secrets, the incredible Mrs. Felicia Adams


Do you remember the first time you sang in front of an audience? How did it make you feel?
Since I was a little girl I have been singing in front of audiences church talent shows etc. But my first experience performing my original material in front of an audience was at The Apollo!!! I was the Opening act for BlackStreet, Aaliyah, and Brownstone. It was an amazing experience, first because I was on the Apollo stage! something I dreamed of my whole life and secondly to be blessed to Grace the stage with such talented artist

When was your first introduction to the industry?
My first introduction to the Music Industry was being introduced to Mary J. Bilge to audition as her background singer. My friend Ez-Lee was her DJ at the time and told me and a friend of mine that I was singing in a group with about the audition. I got the gig and was able to travel on tour with her.

Who is Felicia Adams and what does music mean to her ?
Well, Felicia Adams is a young lady from a small town who grew up in a two parent home that instilled morals and values. My mom and dad showed me through their hard work and tenacity that you can accomplish anything you want in life. So from the age of seven I had a dream of becoming a singer and I never let it go and they have encouraged me all the way. Til this day I am their Star.
Music is everything to me when I’m sad, happy, moody. angry, frustrated you name it! there is always some type of music you can listen to that will take you to a place to forget your troubles or inspire you I Love this Music Thang!!!!

What is the difference between the industry then and now..?
What’s missing now is the Passion, authenticity, creating music from scratch meaning in the studio grinding out all night long, no sleep, hiring musicians to come in and play on your record, you creating the song with the producer on the spot and having an organic vibe with one another. When I first came into the Music Industry you had to mesh with the Producer make sure you guys had chemistry.
Now a days you can send a track file to California from New York you may or may not know who did the track if it sounds like a hit then you put some stank on it! lol send it back to the producer mix and master and throw it out there! and hope you have enough social media followers to push it for you.
Record Labels use to take time to market and promote have meetings to strategize your career. I am sure that is going on somewhere in the industry but it’s hard to tell. I’m Just saying…….

Is God a major part of your life? Why, and what was your first time you knew he was real to you?
God Is definitely a Major part of my life without prayer and believing in God I would not have had the courage to start all over again and believe in myself. I went through a terrible time when I lost my deal with Laface. I had no idea what was going on or what happened I was being ignored, lied to, laughed at,and rejected at every turn. My life and I mean My life was being played with and no one seemed to care! When I was no longer beneficial to folks when I could not make them money or get them a check they turned their backs on me. I was depressed,angry, contemplating suicide because music was everything to me.
When I realized God was real was the day I decided I was just going to leave this earth peacefully and take some pills and go to sleep. I was in my apartment alone crying my eyes out asking God WHY!!!! WHY!!! and as I started to gather my pills together I could hear my daughter’s voice and see her face so clear and she was no where in sight! I just kept hearing Mommy! Mommy! it was so clear I thought I was dreaming or going Crazy I looked all around my apartment no one was there but me. I realized then that God was speaking to me. I wasn’t as in tune with God as I am now but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was definitely speaking to me letting me know that he had more work for me to do.

If you could wave a wand what would you change about the industry?
I would bring back the 90’s when it was really good music and you had the ability to make a lot of money!!! Lol

Did you ever struggle with self-doubt as an artist?
Haha Is that a joke. lol Absolutely!!! As an artist we are very sensitive about our Music or whatever our craft may be. So I can be ampted about a song think the lyrics are on point and the music is just the hottest thing ever. Then you play it for someone and they are like ” That’s cool” In your mind you are like What!!! “Dude did not hear that change, that chord, that note?????
Then you go home and start picking the song a part then you stop listening for a week thinking that you will come back with a different set of ears and hear what that person heard. Crazy right? you start down playing your art because of what someone else thinks.
Well, I don’t do that anymore I’m going to the coffin knowing my music is the Truth and knowing I loved it from the moment I created it and love it even more now!!!!

Who was the most influential to you in music?
So many people wow! Started with My Twin cousins Charlene and Nina who introduced me to music and my first Microphone (Hair Brush)
Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, Donny and Layla Hathaway, Whitney Houston, Babyface, L.A Reid, Luther Vandross, Regina Belle, Chaka Khan, Phyllis Hyman, Patti Labelle, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Angela Winbush, Angela Bofil, Barry White,Blue Magic,Stevie Wonder, Shanice WIlson, Shirley Ceasar, Yolanda Adams, Frankie Beverley & Maze, Hall and Oates, The Whispers, Ashford and Simpson, Michael Mcdonald, Diana Ross, & Heavy D.
I can go on forever!!!! They have all been influential in one way or another whether it be Vocal Range,Tone,Music Arrangement, Writing Style, Passion, Beauty,Instrumentation, Business Sense, giving advice. All of these people I named and more have made an indelible mark on my life musically.

Do you have Kids and if so are they influenced by your music?
Yes I have children My daughter Loves Music and has an old soul she can sing as well but she prefers to dance. My Boys (Twins) they love music as well and there are times when we are riding in the car I will catch them bopping their heads to the music I like. But the moment I catch them they pretend they don’t like it lol But they are all musically inclined.

What advice would you give to women coming into the industry?
Honestly my advice to women wouldn’t be any different from what I would give a man. Reason being is women have made such an impression in this industry business wise that there is really nothing we can’t do.
I would just say Bring your A game, always conduct yourself as a lady, study your craft, know your business, surround yourself with people who care about YOU not so much the singer, songwriter business executive YOU but YOU the person the they see going through the difficult times as well as the good times. PRAY!!!!!! stay focused trust the process, believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes, Trust yourself, don’t be afraid to step out on faith, get yourself an accountability partner someone that will not be afraid to keep it 100 with you. Most of all Trust God that he will never leave nor forsake you no matter what it looks like He is always right there.

Do you have any future projects your working on?
Well, my album ReBirth will be released July 17th 2015 my sound is what I call Vintage R&B Soul it is a combination of old school meets new school R&B. I took my time creating this album hiring musicians to come in and play guitar, bass, drums, and horns I worked with two incredible
Producers Darin “Piano Man” Whittington and Chris”CL”Liggio it’s definitely something I think the industry needs right now.
I also have a few things coming up. I don’t want to give anything away just yet all I will say is. Everyone will soon get to know me on another level as a writer:) I am very excited about whats to come

What an incredibly inspirational journey and amazing testimony on God’s intervention as well as perseverance and patience. We look forward to supporting all of Felicia’s future endeavors! Be sure to grab Felicia’s new single Breathe available for purchase now on iTunes!

Keep up with Felicia Adams on Social Media: TwitterFacebookInstagram and check her Website

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