June 10, 2023

2016 FDMV Firefighter Calendar Cover Guys Come to PBP Radio

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fdmvThe 2016 FDMV Firefighter Calendar Cover Guys, FF Anthony Mitchell, FF Dave Basil & FF Conroy Jackson, stopped by People Before Politics Radio to promote their new calendar, Sunday night. While we had them in the studio we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give them a chance to share what they face and deal with on a day-to day basis. The firefighters chopped it up with AJ Woodson about everything from working with limited manpower, Mayor Ernest D. Davis gambling with the lives of the firefighters and the residents, with him cutbacks, the life of a first responder, the Fulton Ave Station closures, and of course the reason they came through in the first place that 2016 FDMV Firefighter Calendar that has all the ladies talking.

The calendar goes sell for $20 and the proceeds a few charities and the new Rodney Mack Scholarship which they started for Mack’s 6 years old daughter for when she is ready to go to college. The calendar is available at a clothing shop owned by a FDMV member, Choices Clothing & Accessories, located at 9 South 5th Avenue (across from the Chase ATMs) or you can leave the guys a message on their Instagram page @2016FDMVCalendar and they will gladly sign it and deliver it to you.

2016 FDMV Calendar

But if you want to get it from the guys in person, come out to their official calendar release party, Saturday, November 14th  at the Luxe Lounge, 623 South Broadway, Yonkers. Doors open 5pm til 12 midnight and they will be selling and signing the calendar and some limited edition t-shirts. They promise every firefighter in the calendar will be in the house, so come thru party and support the FDMV.



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