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Fleetwood Citizens Society Hosts Final 2015 Mayoral Debate [Full Video]

Despite The Odds, Mayor Davis Supporters Fight For Their Candidate Til The End!

And Then There Were Three, Richard Thomas, Debra Reynolds Ruth Hassell-Thompson

Mount Vernon — The Fleetwood Citizens Society hosted another debate for the 2015 Mount Vernon Mayoral Race, Tuesday night, between the three candidates still left standing, Councilman and Democratic Mayoral Nominee Richard Thomas (Democrat, Independence Party & Republican Party lines), Councilwoman Deborah Reynolds (Conservative Party) and Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson (Working Families Party) at Riverside Memorial Chapel (21 Broad Street).

Traditionally in a city like Mt. Vernon, where there is a Democratic majority, the winner of the primary usually just has an easy walk to the mayoral seat in the General Election. But Mt. Vernon doesn’t do anything easy. In addition to the Senator who lot the primary and the Councilwoman who was knock off the ballot going into the primary, supporters of the incumbent mayor Ernest D. Davis are determined to see Davis back for a fifth term and have waged an extensive Write-In campaign, going as far to educate voters how to vote for Davis despite the fact he too lost the primary and has publicly vowed to support the party nominee, Richard Thomas.

The FCS a new group formed to fight the transfer of the garage to developers the Alexander Group, hosted the final debate, one last look at the remaining candidates so voters could make an informed decision in this very important election. Below is video of the entire debate, courtesy of Jamie Pressin. Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.


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