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FCS To Host An All-Questions Answered Forum With The City Council

Mount Vernon – With all the press conferences, email blasts, political propaganda and campaign literature being delivered and the rhetoric being force-fed down residents and taxpayers throat its hard to know what the truth is.

Mayor Richard Thomas has begun a series of cottage party type forums in people’s homes called, “Ask The Mayor” in a promise to be more transparent with the resident. To date most of what he puts out claims the issues the city of Mount Vernon are facing are the City Council and the Comptroller’s fault, for not giving him what he wants and needs to do the job he was elected to do.

Even that was entirely true, a broken clock is right twice a day and there are always at the very least two sides of every story. The problem is Mount Vernon have only been hearing one side a lot louder and more frequently then the other. So the community action group, the Fleetwood Citizens Society decided they would put together an open forum, that promises the City Council will answer all questions, Wednesday, July 25th at the Riverside Memorial Chapel, located at 21 W. Broad Street. Mount Vernon Councilmembers Marcus A. Griffith, Delia M Farquharson and Council Pro Temp Andre Wallace will be answering any and all questions, according to the flyer shared with Black Westchester.

Judging by the attendance of the last Council Meeting, one thing is certain, well two things the residents are not happy with the current results and they want answers. No more excuses and finger-pointing from either side.

Answers like a realistic timeline of when Memorial Field will be opened again, what are the pros and cons of the County taking over the restoration of the once field of dreams that has turned into a Memorial Nightmare and what exactly is the story on the city’s sewer system issues and the federal complaint and will taxes go up the exorbitant amount they have been told?

Black Westchester encourages every resident reading this, that can show up, attend. With the state of the city, this should be a standing room only affair. But I caution all, no matter who you support be prepared to come with your questions and your ears open. Be ready to listen to what the council members have to say before making up your mind. I stress this point because with all the heckling and yelling at the latest council meeting, I know I am not the only one who wasn’t able to hear or make much sense out of the whole thing.

I also hope the FCS has some sort of live streaming in place for those who will not be able to attend the forum live and can watch from home or work and be able to view it via video after it’s over. If the mayor, his administration and his supporter refrain from disruption and the Council doesn’t use this as a vehicle to just point fingers back at the mayor, this can be an important much-needed forum where the residents can freely interact with the council, creating real dialog between residents and city officials unlike at a structured Council Meeting. You want answers, come out and get them and then you can decide what’s going on after hearing both sides and then you can make informed decisions at the ballot box in the upcoming elections. See flyer below for more details on the forum.


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