NEW DATE – Fleetwood Citizen’s Society Mount Vernon City Council Candidate Forum, Wednesday, June 14th

As with many things in Mount Vernon, several events are scheduled for the exact same time making it unable to attend everything. The Fleetwood Citizen’s Society (FCS) originally scheduled their for Tuesday, June 13th which was the same day and time as the MV NAACP Mayoral Debate across time.

After several emails, the FCS pushed their forum back a day so residents could attend both important forums. On Thursday, June 8th they released the following statement:

We Will be having the City Council Forum Wednesday, June 14th not Tuesday, June 13th

The FCS received a number of emails asking if we could change the date of our forum, because it conflicts with the Mayoral Debate.

We spoke with and emailed all the City Council candidates; finally we can tell you your request has been taken care of.

Originally Tuesday was the only night that all 4 candidates were available. The candidates did make changes in their campaign schedule and are able to and agreed upon Wednesday, June 14th @7pm.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope everyone can make it.

John Di Giovanni


There are four Democratic candidates running for the Mount Vernon City Council. Each one says they are the best person to represent you and your views toward the governing of our city. Only two will be elected into office.

You have the opportunity to meet with each one and find out what their plans are for Mount Vernon. This way you can make an educated decision on Election Day.

Remember, your vote can make a difference.

The Fleetwood Citizen’s Society and Chester Hill Park Neighbors Association will be holding a forum;

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2023 – 7PM


21 W. Broad St. Mount Vernon

The MV NAACP Mount Vernon Mayoral Debate will be held Tuesday, June 13th, at 6:30 pm at Friendship Worship Center located at 261 E. Lincoln Ave.