June 6, 2023

Farrakhan Responds To False Reports That He Has Endorsed Donald Trump

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CHICAGO — In an exclusive Final Call interview, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sets the records straight on rumors and accusations that he has supported front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The interview was conducted by Final Call Editor Richard B. Muhammad on March 5 as the Minister was asked about what has been spread in the media. “I never endorsed Mr. Trump or any of the candidates running for nomination to lead their party,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I could never endorse any candidate because not one of them is saying that which would save America from the Wrath of Allah (God),” he added. The interview follows in question and answer format, allowing the Minister speak directly and clearly to our readers and the world.

Final Call editor Richard B. Muhammad (FCN): As-Salaam Alaikum. (Peace be unto you.) On behalf of the Final Call newspaper, our staff and our readers, we thank you for granting us this interview. Many news outlets have reported or perhaps misreported that you “praised,” “endorsed,” “supported” or “commended” Donald Trump. What did you actually say and what’s your view of Mr. Trump?

Minister Louis Farrakhan: I never endorsed Mr. Trump or any of the candidates who are running for the nomination that would make them the leader of their party. I said of Mr. Trump that I give him credit as the only one who stood in front of “some” members of the Jewish community and told them he did not need or want their money. This was very big because any man who is able to stand on his own is free enough to do what is in the best interest of the country. That is what I said and that is what I meant.

On another occasion, I said I liked what I am looking at because I felt he had a strength required of anyone who wished to save America, or move away the Wrath of Allah (God) plaguing not only America but the world with the forces of nature.

I could never endorse any candidate because not one of them is saying that which would save America from the Wrath of Allah (God).

FCN: What should any candidate or presidential hopeful be looking at doing to avert the Wrath of God from striking America?

MLF: This is the Day of Judgement or justice for those who have been deprived of it, and the most deprived of justice are the Black man and woman of America and the Native American people. So the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Allah God has come to fight the battle of justice for the Black man and woman of America and it is He who is plaguing America with the disasters of unusual rain, hail, snow, and soon earthquakes. So if the Black man and woman and the Native Americans, or Indians, are not in the equation of those running for the high office of the Presidency of the United States, if we are not in the equation for justice, then none of these candidates can save America from the Wrath of Allah (God).

FCN: Omitted from much of the writing about your remarks on Feb. 28 in Chicago, which was Part 2 of your Saviours’ Day address “Divine Instructions and Commands for 2016,” is that this narrative was created and given to the media by the Anti-Defamation League, a longtime enemy of the Nation, of Minister Farrakhan, and I would say an enemy to Black progress.

A national press release went out and hundreds of media outlets were contacted but no media showed up, and no media independently reported on what you said. Why was it so necessary for the ADL to paint you as an extremist and why has the media responded in the way that it has?

MLF: Most presidents have been controlled by forces that control money and special interests. When Mr. Trump refused their money, he refused their control. This made him dangerous.

So now the whole Republican establishment has united to destroy his bid to be the nominee of the Republican Party. In my Saviours’ Day lecture, I mentioned Paul Wolfowitz talking to General Wesley Clark 10 years before 9/11 telling him they were going to clean out the Middle East. And then 10 days after 9/11, a general in the Pentagon pointed out to Mr. Clark a memo that contained plans to take down seven Muslim nations in five years. So they had to set the country up for a protracted war, which would keep the soldiers of America fighting for years to accomplish the goal of destabilizing the whole Middle East and taking complete control of the oil wealth of the region… (Click here to read the Minister’s interview in it’s entirety)

In a later column Straight Talk by Richard B. Muhammad, titled: Defending Farrakhan: New Lies About Trump, he reports that Farrakhan has never “admired,” “supported,” “endorsed,” or “commended” GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, despite reports from Politico.com, News One, U.S. News & World Report, WHIO, Tablet Magazine, The Fiscal Times, The Hill, Gawker, Forward, Newsmax, The Inquisitr, Root.com, Grio.com or any one of a number of so-called news organizations spreading this false narrative.

Richard B. Muhammad writes: In outright lies, these articles seek to portray the Minister as a supporter of the man who has shaken the Republican establishment and freed White Republican voters, who flock to his banner, from any notion of political correctness. They fully embrace his often racist and demeaning diatribes.

The source of the media reporting that Farrakhan is endorsing and or praising Donald Trump appears to be an interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars.com where snippets of the interview were shared and taken out of context.

Speaking to radio host Alex Jones, Farrakhan said America’s policies created the refugee crisis and have “united people against the West.” He argued that “no Muslim leader had the power to unite the whole Muslim world,” but that U.S. intervention in the area has succeeded in doing just that.

“So in this way, Mr. Trump I think is wise to vet anyone coming from that area into America because the hatred for America is in the streets now,” Farrakhan said. “So if those people are refugees and America feels, ‘I got to let 10,000 of them in,’ because America created the problem.”

“Now, if you let them in and you don’t vet them carefully, you might be letting in your own destruction,” he added.

But that is where they end and all they show of the 128 minute interview.

Below is the video of the interview in its entirety.

In closing Muhammad writes: Don’t be mad at Farrakhan or twist his words. Try being bold enough to tell the truth and see what happens, that’s what real journalists would do.

Richard B. Muhammad is editor in chief of The Final Call newspaper. He can be reached through www.finalcall.com and at editor@finalcall.com. Find him on Facebook at Richard B. Muhammad and on Twitter:@Rmfinalcall. His website is www.richardmuhammad.com. Catch his weekly segment Sundays at 8 a.m. CST on touchfm.org.

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