Farmacy for Life – Health Is Wealth

Styles P a legendary lyricist and rapper from Yonkers, is all about being a health conscious advocate for life. The LOX & Dipset’s New York Heavyweight Live Verzuz Battle was in August 2021. I was attracted to how clean and healthy the Lox’s looked when they rocked the mic against Dipset. It was a proud moment in hip-hop but even better as a Westchester County hip-hop lover. I was in Belize at the time but all watching in the house of us were from New York. Leading up to Verzuz there are several friendly battles to get fans involved. This is when I found out about “Farmacy For Life”.

Styles P had a promotion for the vitamins and the jogger. I ordered the jogger for DJ Jazzy Joyce and started following them on Instagram. The morning messages about mucus and taking a poop were really interesting to me. The conversation about females when they are going through menopause was also informative. The vitamin “Love” includes Horny Goat Weed which is Nature’s Aphrodisiac. A great sex life is also a lifestyle. Might I add the information presented on social media is not intimidating.

Information that is intimidating is unattractive but their style of feeding information was right up my alley. I immediately purchased the “Black Seed Oil” capsules and the actual oil. It became a lifestyle for me. I started having conversations with like minded vitamin connoisseur. Styles P and Adjua are intentionally conscious about health in our communities. There is no shaming the viewer. Gentle reminders that you need to take a shit. The focus on mucus was very very interesting to me. Styles indicated several times that mucus is one of the main reasons why people die and why individuals are extremely ill. Mucus was a main connection to Covid19.

The small bites of information that is posted on IG was enough for me to continue researching for the journey I wanted to begin. Of course I started to read the comments. The testimonies were spot on. I now follow them on Twitter and Instagram. The day after versus Fat Joe who is also a legendary lyricist and rapper did his one hour commentary about Verzuz. This is when the famous quote “Yesterdays price is not today’s price” was inspired. After that I was sold I started purchasing Blackseed Oil, King of the Jungle, and Iron it Out. Traveling with my vitamins and drinking more smoothies. I eased up on drinking alcohol which I think had an effect on my hair. More water in replace of the liquor plus the vitamins made a difference.

I have natural hair and I’ve noticed how strong my hair is after taking my vitamins every single day. Here’s some great news Styles P and his wife Adjua Styles just opened up the Farmacy For Life vitamin shop in Westchester County located on 832 Scarsdale Avenue in Scarsdale, New York. That’s a hop skip and a jump from Mount Vernon. We were really excited about this venture.

The parking was easy which is good to know. The prices online are no different than the prices in the store. Clean, welcoming and simple. Because vitamins are simple it’s a simple way to change your lifestyle to healthy and wealthy living. We were greeted with love and excited when we left. I walked out with a travel pack “Natural Immune Boosters” which includes BCD [B12, C, D], Irish Sea Moss and Elderberry Zing. The cashier said because I travel packs of these would be great. The grand opening will be announce. Thank you for my complimentary Oil of Oregano drops.


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