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Families Impacted By Police Violence Demand Justice At NYS AG’s Office

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., and other Family Members impacted by police involved murders join together to hold NYS AG Tish James Accountable and Demand justice for their lost loved one

Families from across New York State who have been impacted by police violence came together, Thursday, February 25th, at the NYC office of New York State Attorney General Letitia ‘Tish’ James. The gathered at the front steps of her office to hold her accountable for what they say is her lack of transparency with families in regards to investigating the police involved murders of their loved ones.

(Video courtesy of Rachel Silang)

The families that spoke included Samantha Felix – sister of 19-year-old Matthew Felix (Cambria Heights, Queen 2020) killed by Nassau County Police who were outside of their jurisdiction, Joshua Lopez – nephew of 43-year-old Jonathan Callado, (Inwood, NYC 2011), Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., son of 68-year-old former Marine Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., (White Plains, NY 2011), and Victor Dempsey – brother of 37-year-old Delrawn Small, father or three (East New York, Brooklyn 2016). All four were unarmed when they were killed.

White Plains’ native Kenneth Chamberlain Jr, who has been fighting for justice for the summary execution of his father, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, for a decade was one present to express how he feels NYS AG Tish James has failed not only him and his family but many other families impacted by police violence.

“I have zero confidence in the New York State Attorney General, she has done absolutely nothing to show me that she even believes in the rule of law” Kenneth Chamberlain shared with those gathered outside her office. “She said after an exhausted and thorough investigation, they came back with a No True Bill. This is why the grand jury can no longer be seated. They have to let you know you know what was presented and what charges were on the table, because I don’t believe she put anything on the table, that would cause them to come back with an indictment.”

“Also she is hiding behind the grand jury. You have to understand, she as the NYS Attorney General can actually charge my felony complaint and then take it to the grand jury and more times than not, you’ll get an indictment. Then again is she goes after police officers who commit these egregious acts just as diligently as she goes after former president of the United States Donald Trump, then families that are impacted by police violence would respect her and everything that she is doing. But so far she has not given us a reason to believe that she is for us or she is even about affecting positive change. So I just want to say may there be justice for Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., and justice for all families that are impacted by police violence,”

We reached out to Attorney James’ office immediately following the rally and a day later still not have received a response. We did recieve a press release, Attorney General James Praises President Biden for
Removing Trump’s Illegal ‘Anarchist Jurisdiction’
but did no response for comment for this story.


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