Families Calls For Justice For The April 8th Stabbing Of Teenage Cheerleaders Kayla Green And Mainece Simpson

Naz Duncan, aunt of Mainece Simpson speaks at press conference, Friday, May 13, 2022 [Black Westchester]

Family, friends and supporters of Mount Vernon High School cheerleaders Kayla Green and her injured best friend Mainece Simpson gathered in front of the Westchester County Courthouse in White Plains, Friday afternoon, to demand Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah upgrade the charges to murder and attempted murder against the teenager accused of stabbing the teenage girls.

“When you stab someone, you’re stabbing to kill,” said Nazarene Duncan, Mainece Simpson’s great aunt (shown in pic above).

“My daughter’s life has changed forever and I want justice,” said Nicole Duncan, Mainece Simpson’s mom.

The 15-year-old suspect – who turned 15 just weeks earlier – pleaded not guilty to manslaughter, assault and attempted assault, but the families of Kayla Green and Mainece Simpson want her to face charges of murder and attempted murder.

Lauren P. Raysor, an attorney and spokesperson for one of the victim’s families feels the charges should fit the crime.

“We believe that the charges may not fit the crime in this situation,” Raysor shared.

Kayla Green’s family was not present for the presser, but they were represented by former Mayor Richard Thomas, who is a spokesperson for the family. Thomas stated the family’s takeaway from conversations with prosecutors was that a murder charge was not being pursued.

“We hope that the Westchester County district attorney avenges Kayla and Mainece by bringing maximum justice,”

“We have no comment at this time,” was the response from a spokesperson for the Westchester DA’s office.

The 15-year-old suspect was allegedly part of a rival cheer team and beef had been brewing between the two groups for two years, according to spokespeople for the victims. Black Westchester has been told former Superintendent of School Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, the School Board, MVHS Principal and other school officials were warned, but did little to prevent it from escalating. What was not handled in school spilled out into violence in the streets.

Dozens gathered outside the Mount Vernon Board of Education, Tuesday, April 19th to rally against the rising violence in the district’s schools and call for the resignation of the Superintendent and school administrators who they say are aware of the problem and have done little to prevent it. The week before hundreds of youth peaceful march in Mount Vernon in memory of Kayla. One parent asked the school board, “what are you going to do keep my daughter safe?” The mother stated her daughter who was on one of the cheer teams was receiving death threats and would not be returning to school.

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