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Eric Garner, Mike Brown, One Year Later. Where Are We In The Fight For Justice?

Poeple Before Politics Radio - One Year Anniversary Show

It’s officially been one year since the shooting that cast greater scrutiny on how police interact with black communities, the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri (August 9, 2014). 23 days before (July 17, 2014) Eric Garner, a 43-year-old New Yorker and father of six affectionately known as “Big E”, died on a Staten Island sidewalk after NYPD officers placed the 350lb asthmatic man in a chokehold. One year and 10 days later while many in Westchester were under the illusion these types on incidents couldn’t happen here, a Mount Vernon woman named Raynette Turner died in at Mount Vernon police headquarters after two days in custody had been returned to her city cell after throwing up in a holding area near the courtrooms where police had brought her to await arraignment. Turner was the fifth African-American woman to die in police custody nationwide n the month of July 2015, the most publicized being Sandra Bland in Texas.

So with the current election season here in Westchester (especially the Mount Vernon race) dominating the headlines in Black Westchester (much like every other form on media nationwide) and the airwaves of The People Before Politics Radio Show, we decided on today’s show to get away from the politics for a week and get into the ‘People Before’ part in the title of the show.

We will be taking a look back on the Garner and Brown cases and well and the many cases that have happened since including Raynette Turner here locally and asking the question, ‘We Are We In The Fight For Justice.’ Yes Loretta Lynch finally has gotten confirmed in this time period and Gov Cuomo has signed an Executive Order giving Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman ‘Special Prosecutor’ status but what has  really been accomplished in this national call for justice and more importantly we will be discussing what still needs to be done ad where do we go from here.

Check out the People Before Politics Radio Show today (Sunday, August 9, 2015) – Episode 46 on 6-8PM as we just celebrate our One Year Anniversary (which was officially last Sunday) as we discuss Where Are We In The Fight For Justice – ONE YEAR LATER!!! Feel free to call in and join the conversation 718-705-4959!

TODAY! 6PM for “Social Justice Sunday’s”! Black Westchester Magazine Dot Com… GUEST: CEO of M.A.D.E Tony Earl Jr. “M.A.D.E. Transitional Services, founded in 2014, serves as a transitional reentry agency based in Rockland County, New York. M.A.D.E. addresses the many physical needs of individuals who want to be productive members of society and positive figures in their community”.




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