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It’s Election Time: The Silly Season Is Upon Us! by Lorraine Lopez

Teamsters Union 456 Endorses Yonkers City Council candidate Mike Khader

Mi Gente, here’s a little story for you!

Please read as it is happening everywhere. It’s election time, and candidates are out there vying for your support but many are also trying to suppress your vote and voice, especially Republicans because of the political climate. It’s called silly season and here’s an example.

Yonkers City Council candidate Mike Khader (D) was endorsed, Monday night, by the greatest and most powerful union that I know, Teamsters Union 456, it’s President Lou Picani and it’s members. Mike Khader in solidarity and to the union’s delight walked up to the podium, put on a Teamsters hat and let them know what he thinks of them.

He spoke about his appreciation for all their hard work, they cut the grass, they shovel the snow, the pick up the garbage, they are basically the backbone of the community. And he is middle class, just like them. To make a long story short, right after the picture-taking on stage, a member of the union who happens to be the current City Council President Liam McLaughlin’s (R) brother stepped up to Mike and made some derogatory comments as well as tried to provoke him. It became so heated that Lou Picani and Liam’s brother were literally face to face in a shouting match. He almost got his butt whipped.

Mike handled it with class, composure, and even the dignity that all humans deserve. Lou asked the brother to join the picture!

Now, here’s my issue. What are they afraid of that they are acting out so early in the game? Why not challenge him in the polls and debates? Why not let the people decide who they want to represent them? By trying and I emphasize trying to eliminate the competition so early, they are just showing their fear. Afraid of losing? And by the shenanigans they have begun, they are only suppressing the votes of the Democrats who are mostly Hispanic, African-American, and Arabic on the Southside.

Now it’s no secret that the Southside is treated differently and this act of stupidity just showed it. You folks will not suppress our votes, folks will not be silent any longer! This is a democracy where folks have a right to choose their elected officials. And that is done by campaigning, watching debates, viewing the issues, etc.

By eliminating the competition, they are eliminating your vote. Folks, do not let it happen. Stay alert and stay informed. You have a right to a choice on election day and do not let anyone take that right from you. 

Congratulations on the endorsement and may the best man on the ballot win!!!!


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