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Election 2021 Update: Primary Election Candidate Drawing Results

The Westchester County Board of Elections conducted a 2021 County & Local Primary Election Drawing virtually on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 11:00 am for the Primary Election being held on June 22, 2021. These numbers only determine the candidates’ location on the ballot. Actually ballot position number be released by BOE in the next few days. All other Democratic or Working Party Races if you do not see them, the do not have primary challenges so they was no need to include in drawing for location order on ballot.

Westchester County Clerk: Democrat

1 Shanae Williams
2 Tim Idoni

Westchester County Legislator

District 13: Democrat
1) Tyrae Woodson-Samuels
2) George Brown
3) Lisa Copeland

16th District: Democrat
1. Dwanita Crosby
2. Christopher Johnson

17th District: Democrat
1. Jose Alvarado.
2. London Reyes.
3. Virginia Perez.

City of Mount Vernon:

City Comptroller: Democrat:
1. Marcus a, Griffith
2. Darren Morton
3. Derickson K. Lawrence.

City Council: Democrat:
1. Delia Farquharson
2. Cathlin B. Gleason
3. André D. Wallace
4. Edward Poteat
5. Lauren S. Carter
6. Nicole Lucio
7. Janice Duarte
8. Danielle Browne

City of Yonkers:

Yonkers City Council President: Working Families Party:
1. Lakisha Collins-Bellamy
2. Mona Hijazin

Yonkers City Council President: Democrat:
1. Lakisha Collins-Bellamy
2. Peter Spano
3. Mike Khader

Yonkers City Council:
2nd District:

1. Corazon Pineda Issac.
2. Annette Yarber.
3. Jose Roman.
4. Cristal Suazo.
6th District:
1. Tim Hodges.
2. Stella Schwuchow.

City of Peekskill

Mayor: Democrat:
1. Vivian C. McKenzie
2 . Conor A. Green

City Council: Democrat:
1. Robert R. Scott
2. Ramon A. Fernandez
3. Dwight H. Douglas
4. Amy F. Perlow
5. Amy J. Vele
6. Vanessa B. Agudelo

Town of Greenburgh

Town Supervisor
1. Tasha D. Young
2. Paul Fiener

Town of Bedford

Town Supervisor
1. Ellen Z. Calves
2. MaryAnn Carr


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