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Election 2019: Westchester Candidates

In the October 15, 2019, Pre-Election Edition of Black Westchester Newspaper, we attempted to inform and educate the readers as much as possible to all the races in the upcoming November 5th General Election. We interviewed as many of the candidates as we could before the June 25th Democratic Primary and the November 5th General Election of the People Before Politics Radio Show so the voters could know as much as possible about the candidates, especially this year with all the new changes.

Voters will see a new party line on the ballot this year: The Serve America
Movement, or SAM, which was formed in 2017. Also for the first time, New York State law is allowing early voting, giving Westchester’s roughly 594,000 registered voters an opportunity to cast ballots more than a week before Election Day — including two weekend dates.

On Nov. 5, there is no top-of-the-ticket federal, statewide or county election that could have a down-ballot effect so it’ll be a year of local elections. But do not let that deter you for casting your ballot because as the saying goes, All Politics Are Local. These local elections will impact your daily living way more than the federal, statewide and county elections. So whatever you do, get up get out and vote.

But before you can vote you must do your homework and find out who is running, what they stand for and how they come down on the issues that are important to you. Do not just vote Row A all the way because it what candidates are selling.

There are contested races for mayor in Westchester’s largest cities: Yonkers, New Rochelle and Mount Vernon. As with the past few Mayoral races, Mount Vernon Mayoral Race is the most publicized. 2019 has not disappointed those who cover the political news and elections as usual. it has delivered everything, a corruption case, back-to-back court cases to decide who was the mayor, continuation of civil war in city hall and all the political fighting, social media attacks of candidates and their supporters and the tribalism that comes with Silly Season. Here is a list of some of the local races Black Westchester is covering…

D=Democrat, R=Republican, C=Conservative, G=Green,
I=Independence, WF=Working Families, SAM=Serve America Movement


Mayor Andre Wallace, R
Shawyn Patterson-Howard, D
Rosemarie M Jarosz, C
City Council (vote for 2)
Councilwoman Lisa A Copeland, D
Derrick Thompson, D
Joyce Brown, R
Danielle Scholar, R

Mayor Mike Spano, D,I,WF
Mario J De Giorgio, R (PBP Radio – Sunday, October 27th)
Council District 1
Councilwoman Shanae Williams, D,I
Terence Miller, WF
Council District 3
Tasha Diaz, D
Council District 5
Councilman Michael B. Breen, R,C,I
City Court Judge
Elena Goldberg-Velazquez, D,C,I,WF
Richard F Sweeney, R,SAM
Judge Karen Best, Write-In Campaign

Mayor Noam Bramson, D,WF
Brendan M Conroy, R,C,I
Council District 1
Councilman Louis J Trangucci, R,C,I
Martha Lopez, D,WF
Council District 2
Councilman Albert A Tarantino Jr, R,C,I
Council District 3
Yadira Ramos-Herbert, D,WF
Council District 4
Ivar Hyden, D,WF
Council District 5
Sara Kaye, D,WF
Sarah M Langlois, R,C,I
Council District 6
Councilwoman Elizabeth M Fried, D,WF

Town Supervisor
Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, D,WF
Lucas J Cioffi, Greenburgh Party
Town Council (vote for 2)
Councilman S. Ken Jones, D,WF
Gina R Jackson, D
Town Clerk
Judith A Beville, D
Town Justice
Delores Scott Brathwaite, D.

Mayor Andre K. Rainey, D,WF
Vincent A. Vesce, R,C,I
Council (vote for 3)
Councilwoman Vivian C. Mckenzie, D,WF
Councilwoman Kathleen E. Talbot, D,WF
Councilwoman Patricia Riley, D,WF
Lauren Brady, R,C,I
Marlon H Mahon, R,C,I
Luis A Segarra, R,C,I, LBT

Common Council (vote for 3)

Councilwoman Nadine M Hunt-Robinson, D,WF
Andrew C Custodio, R,SAM
AnneMarie Encarnacao, R
Brian J Peroni, R
Victoria F. Presser, D
Jennifer L Puja, D,WF
Katherine Brezler, WF

Anthony S Colavita, R,C,I
Michael P Denning, D
Eastchester Council (vote for 2)
Glenn D Bellitto, R,C,I
Joseph D Dooley Jr., R,C,I
Eastchester Town Clerk
Linda Doherty Laird, R,C,I
Eastchester Town Justice (vote for 2)
Frederick Salanitro, R,C,I
Janet R Calano, R,C,I
Eastchester Receiver of Taxes
Rocco N Cacciola, R,C,I

Town Supervisor
Dana Levenberg, D,I
Ossining Council (vote for 2)
Councilwoman Elizabeth R Feldman, D,I
Gregory G Meyer, D,I
Ossining Town Clerk
Susanne Donnelly, D,I
Ossining Superintendent of Highways
Peter J Connolly, D,I
Ossining Town Justice (vote for 2)
Mark I Reisman, D,I
Benjamin Leavitt, D,I

Voters will decide whether to switch to a superintendent of highways appointed by the Town Board. The highways superintendent is currently elected.

Village Trustee (vote for 2)
Omar Lopez, D,I
Robert M Fritsche, D,I


Lewis J. Lubell, D,R,C,I,SAM
Gina C. Capone, D,R,C,I
Robert H. Freehill, R,C,I
Nancy Quinn Koba, D,SAM
Steven I. Milligram, D,R,C,I

Melissa A Loehr, D
Christopher W McClure, R,C,I
Robert Prisco, D,C,I,WF,SAM
Michael Tawil, WF

Mary Scattaretico-Naber, R,D,C,WF,I
Wayne Humphrey, D,R,I,WF

County Legislator District 1
Frank A Catalina, R,C,I
Colin D Smith, D,WF
County Legislator District 2
Kitley S Covill, D,I,WF
Gina M Arena, R,C
County Legislator District 3
Margaret A Cunzio, R,C,I
County Legislator District 4
Michael J Grace, R,C
Vedat Gashi, D,G,I,WF
County Legislator District 5
Benjamin Boykin II, D,I,WF
County Legislator District 6
Nancy E Barr, D,WF
County Legislator District 7
Catherine F Parker, D,WF
County Legislator District 8
Alfreda A Williams, D
County Legislator District 9
Catherine A Borgia, D,WF
Robert J Outhouse, R,C,G,I
County Legislator District 10
Christopher Garitee, R,C,I
Damon R Maher, D,WF (PBP Radio – Sunday, November 3rd)
County Legislator District 11
Terry Clements, D,WF
County Legislator District 12
Maryjane C Shimsky, D,WF
County Legislator District 13
Lyndon D Williams, D
County Legislator District 14
David J Tubiolo, R,C,G,I,SAM
County Legislator District 15
Gordon A Burrows, R,C,I,SAM
Ruth Walter, D
County Legislator District 16
Christopher Johnson, D,WF
County Legislator District 17
Jose I Alvarado, D,I

For full list of all the local and county candidates running in races, the latest on early voting, Election Day polling place lookup, absentee ballots, voter registration and more, go to the Westchester County Board of Elections website: Or call 914-995-5700.

As I started off, ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL, the election this year will affect you much more than any federal. state or county elections. They will affect how you are governed, how your community is policed, the services you receive like garbage pick. Do not let the fact there is no Presidential election this year make you sit out. With the early voting this year including weekend dates, you have no excuse why you do not vote in these local elections. I can not tell you who to vote for but I will say you need to GET UP, GET OUT AND VOTE!


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