Driveby Shooting In Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon – An unidentified vehicle drove up to and shoot six shots at individuals standing in front of stores on Prospect Ave, (between Rich and Park Avenues) around the corner from the Mount Vernon Democratic Headquarters, just after 9:00 PM, Saturday night.

No one was injured and no one has been apprehended yet for the shooting according to police officials. The matter is under investigations.

A resident of the Quincy Building (11 Park Avenue) recalls hearing the shots.

“I had just come home, went upstairs and heard what sounded like 5 or 6 shots fired. I looked from my balcony to see if I saw a body and thanked God no one was killed. I’m scared to relax on my balcony these days, it’s always something going on.”

Another resident shrugged off the shooting and simply said, “You know summers almost here. It’s always crazy when it gets hot.”

Officers tell Black Westchester individuals who congregate on that block in front of the stores will be asked to move on for the foreseeable future.

No further information is available. Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story.