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Do Black Lives Matter to the FOP? Black Members Do Not Actually Exist! by Preston Gilstrap

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During the dedication of the Police Memorial in D.C., the Federation Of Police (FOP) was the largest and principal support organization. The National Black Police Association (NBPA) was also a supporter. The Police Memorial March highlighted the NBPA participation much to the chagrin of the FOP and other prominent non-black police associations and labor unions. The fact that members of the NBPA contingent celebrity guests on national syndicated news and television morning shows caused added castration on the parts of our opposites.

The NBPA contingent – all seven of us – boldly held the NBPA organizational flag. We were strategically placed near the FOP contingent that led the march. Thousands of NBPA closeted members opted to represent their local agencies and organizations. Perhaps this loyalty was based on who was paying for their travel, room, and board. You see, “kneegrows” have an unenviable history of aligning themselves with their contagionists much like the an abused child’s conflicted attempt to stop the abuse by showing more love to the abuser.

The prevailing “massah” mentality among contemporary generations of black peace officers is unfortunately the mentality coopted by former and current NBPA members who would rather be under the “massah’s” influence rather than to unite under a Black community-first banner that the NBPA once represented. Black police officers and their organizations have been neutered and convinced that the “massah’s” ice is colder than our ice – thereby, making the “massah’s” ice the prevailing choice.

The FOP support of the clown known as Donald Trump is not as revealing as the continuing historical disrespect, disregard, and contempt the FOP has for people of color. Furthermore, it is not unexpected that clowns – personal or organizational – would have a mutual affinity for their ilk.

FOP black members do not actually exist. Do not be fooled by their epidermis. Zora Neale Huston’s quote – “Because they have our skin doesn’t make them our kin.”

These assimilated brothers and sisters have – over the years – contributed hundreds of thousands – if not millions of dollars – to organizations like the FOP. The same FOP that works tirelessly to retard and abate the recruitment, hiring, training, assignments, and promotions of officers of color. Generally, bargaining agents have no love for its constituency. The driving force of these agents is to line their pockets, improve their assignments and to pretend that they embrace and value diversity.

I invite any of these coopted brothers and sisters to make inquiries of the FOP locally, nationally, and internationally to determine the scope and the depth of the FOP’s diversity in positional, executive, programmatic, legislative, and policy-making tiers.

A slave cannot and will not change his or her lot. Only free men and women that are conscious and possess conscience tempered by critical thought have the capacity and resolve to change their lots.

Query – What as the FOP stance on police shooting unarmed black people? On 08/06/2016, Jonathan Swan’s article in The Hill entitled – Union: Clinton Snubbed Us . . .

On the eve of the Democratic National convention, FOP President Chuck Canterbury wrote a note – widely shared on Facebook – criticizing the party’s attitude toward law enforcement, saying Democrats were focused more on the deaths caused by police officers than officers killed in the line of duty. Democrats had several law enforcement officials speak at their convention. But they seemed to devote more attention to speeches from mothers who lost children in police altercations, labeling them “Mothers of the Movement”.

Preston Gilstrap
Chief Education Officer
The Gilstrap Group, LLC

Mr. Preston Gilstrap is a retired Sgt of Dallas PD,  former National Chairman of the National Black Police Association and member of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America.

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