BW Spotlight: DJ Myte – Class of 2015

class of 2015 graduation cookoutMount Vernon – A few hundred teens and young adults joined DJ Myte at the Class of 2015 Graduation Cookout in the open lot next door to OK Freddy’s Meat Market, across the street from Mayoral candidate Richard Thomas headquarters, Tuesday, June 30th. Despite random acts of violence in the streets of Mount Vernon, including a few broad daylight shootings, and a heavy police presence which usual spells trouble for gatherings of that demographic, BW is proud to report, the cookout for the class of 2015 graduates went off without any incidence of violence, showing if the youth are given more opportunities they can appreciate them.

Councilman Thomas who sponsored the event along with DJ Myte of Hotskull Ent, utilized the event to register close to 100 unregistered voters between the age of 18-25, including some adults much older at his campaign headquarters across the street at 133 South 4th Avenue. DJ Myte, took part in the voter registration drive by encouraging folks to go across the street to register as well.

Friends of Richard Thomas provided food (hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, etc) and soda and water, Hotskull Ent DJs Cranberry and Myte entertained the crowd. The crowd was treated to a few live performances from local groups and t-shirt give-a-ways from Epic Nation (ET6).

“I want to thank our future Mayor, Richard Thomas for giving us this opportunity,” DJ Myte tells BW after the cookout. “I usually don’t do many outdoor joints like this because the city never lets us. That’s why we support Councilman Thomas, he took a chance on us, put his name on the line for us, so we could have a great event like this. As you see, the police expected the worst, but we came, partied and parted in peace. All we ask for is more activities for our age group to do and be involved in.”

They say you can’t always tell a book by its cover, the same can be said about judging a young man by his looks. Don’t let the gold teeth and urban street attire fool you, because in a day when most young man, Myte age are portrayed as saggin-pants-wearing-thugs, we are proud to showcase a young man who is striving to achieve broader ambitions. In addition to being an accomplished DJ who spins on the radio and around the country and has even been hired to play several parties thrown by BW Publisher Damon K. Jones and People Before Politics Radio co-host Cynthia Turnquest-Jones, DJ Myte graduated in the Class of 2015 from Mount Vernon High School and will be attending SUNY Oswego in the fall for a five-year Masters program in Business Administration, (insert round of applause here).

You can also hear DJ Myte on Certified Epic Sundays Radio, every Sunday afternoon from 4-6PM on just before People Before Politics Radio. Check out his latest mixtape, DJ Myte The Young Living Legend Present Wake Up & Get Ya Cake Up – Live From The 914 which can be downloaded here. As a give back to the community, Myte and his crew will be sponsoring an annual community appreciation event titled HotSkull Day at Wilson Woods in Mt. Vernon on Thursday August 13th. As a community minded individual with a hard work ethic, DJ Myte will be one of Mount Vernon promising future leaders. Most young men and women his age only get media coverage when they break the law or as part of some equaling stereotypical statistic. But BW thinks it’s even more important to uplift our youth who are striving to do the right thing and lead by example. So this month we proudly showcase the young living legend, DJ Myte. BW salutes you! Keep up the good work young brother!

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