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Dirty Money Mount Vernon

There is a city council meeting being held at 830am, Tuesday, Oct 20th, to decide the fate of a questionable contract with Terrence Horton to replace the LED lights. Is this in the best interest of the city or is this political patronage and politricks in Mount Vernon as usual.

Why is Ernie Davis and his City Council cronies (Griffith, Apuzzo & Edwards) trying to push through legislation and contracts and obligate millions of dollars of Mt. Vernon resources as he walks out the door. DEMAND accountability and transparency and attend the secret City Council meeting at 830am and Board of Estimate meeting at 930am to DEMAND answers. Force them to do their dirt in the light! Share this with your networks if you want MORE transparency in our government!!!

Please pack City Hall make the calls necessary and flood these meetings and make your voice heard. For too long these politicians have led us astray and we now demand justice and transparency.


About Malcolm Clark (9 Articles)
Malcolm Clark is a Writer/Columnist for Black Westchester. Malcolm holds his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is currently getting his Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Marist College. Malcolm has also been active within the Mount Vernon community. Organizing marches and protest to volunteering his time at events such as Arts on Third and being politically active in the various campaigns across the county.
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