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Did Clyde Isley Lie About Seeking The Republican Line? If So What Else Has He Lied Or Will He Lie To Us About?


There have been so many conflicting things posted and shared on social media especially on Facebook, sometimes it’s a bit tough to tell whats the truth and who is just telling us what we want to hear to obtain our vote on Tuesday, June 25th. With all the smear tactics, name calling, finger pointing and attempts to destroy the opponent that comes with Silly Season, we felt it was time for some REAL TALK!

Black Westchester at the request of several readers and residents of Mount Vernon has Fact Checked something Former Mount Vernon Police Commissioner and current Mount Vernon Mayoral candidate Mr. Clyde Isley shared of Facebook and said during a recent debate.

On May 29th the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee nominee Mr. Clyde Isley made reference to Council President Andre Wallace being the Republican candidate for Mayor of the city of Mount Vernon. He wrote on his Facebook page Clyde Isley For Mayor of Mount Vernon;

For the record, and to clarify the lies being spread by certain supporters of Republican candidate Andre Wallace: I cannot speak for the other candidates in the race but I absolutely did NOT seek out the endorsement of the Mount Vernon Republican Party nor a spot on its ballot.

In fact, I refused to run unless I had the backing of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee. There is NO room in Mount Vernon for the party of Trump.

Mr. Isley then posted a copy of the Certificate of Acceptance (Section 6 -146, Election law) and tagged several media outlets as proof (see below) in an effort to paint a picture that Councilman Wallace was, in fact, a Republican, which many of Mr. Isley’s supporters shared on Facebook.

In the debate held at Grace Baptist Church sponsored by the United Black Clergy, Mr. Isley called himself a proud Democrat and spoke about party loyalty.

After the debate, several residents contacted us to tell Black Westchester that Mr. Isley had lied, that he had, in fact, sought the Republican line in his previous failed run for Mayor. one even forwarded a copy of an October 8, 1995, New York Times article written by Elsa Brenner.

A few Facebook post from various groups on various pages called Mr. Isley a liar. So readers asked us to look into it, is it true Mr. Isley never attempted to get the Republican line as he said publicly? That was a question I could not answer so I reached out to someone who was qualified to shed some light on the situation – Mr. Tom Keller, the Mount Vernon Republican City Committee Chairman – so we could get to the truth and put an end to one of the many Facebook fights among Mount Vernonites and the candidates they support.

Mr. Keller was a wealth of information and prepared a statement, giving a brief history of the endorsement of Democratic candidates by other parties. Mr. Keller did back up part of Mr. Isley’s story that Council President Wallace had, in fact, sought the Republican line in the 2019 General Election in November, but informed us, Mr. Wallace was not the only candidate.

Mr. Keller wrote:

Ms. Shawyn Patterson-Howard, Conservative Ms. Rosemarie Jarosz, Mayor Richard Thomas, and City Council President André Wallace all interviewed for the Republican line for the November 5, 2019 General Election. There is no Republican Primary on June 25, 2019.
Mr. Wallace received 81% of the district leader vote while the other three candidates received a combined 19%.

Then he continued to talk about how not only did Mr. Isley, the self-proclaimed ‘loyal Democrat’ not only sort the Republican line in a previous race, he won the nomination, was challenged by another Democrat, who won in court and then Mr. Isley challenged the decision and fought for the line to no avail, according to Mr. Keller’s statement.

…in 1995, Mr. Clyde Isley interviewed for the Republican Party endorsement for Mayor, as did Mr. John Bosco. The district leader vote was disputed, wherein there was a court challenge in New York State Supreme Court 9th Judicial District in White Plains. Mr. Isley was unsuccessful and the endorsement went to Mr. Bosco.

Mr. Keller goes on to explain many Democratic candidates have sought other party lines;

As for other party endorsements of registered Democratic candidates for the office of Mayor of Mount Vernon, a short list is as follows:

  • In 2015, then-Councilmember Richard Thomas received both the Republican Party and Independence Party endorsements;
  • Also in 2015, then-Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson received the Working Families endorsement;
  • In 2011, then-Comptroller Maureen Walker received the Conservative Party endorsement; and
  • In 2007, then-Mayor Ernest Davis received the Conservative Party endorsement.

Mount Vernon has a long history of endorsements of registered Democratic candidates by other parties. As Mr. Isley himself said in 1995, he was planning on setting up a bipartisan council “to give all residents an opportunity to take part in city government.”

This may seem like a trivial matter, truthful I wasn’t going to write it at first until I started getting calls and emails. After reading Mr. Keller’s letter, we decided to run this because Mr. Isley was so adamant, but he has not been completely truthful with the people of Mount Vernon. Not only did Mr. Isley seek the Nomination of the Republican Party, then was challenged and lost the line, and then Mr. Isley also took the case to the Supreme Court to try to regain the Republican Party line.

But unlike the many Facebook post by Mr. Isley, his supporters and other, we do not ask you to take our word for it, you can see and read Mr. Keller’s statement in its entirety below, and click on the links to the New York Times articles.

At the UBC’s debate at Grace Baptist Church, Mr. Isley tries to sell himself as a person of integrity and an honest person, I believe he graded himself an A in both categories. But we have to ask if you will lie about something so trivial, how can the residents trust you with matters of more importance.

In his opening statement at the debate, he said he what inspired him to run was all the corruption and lies going on in city hall now. If you cannot tell the truth about whether you sought another party line like the Republican Line, why would we believe you would be honest with the residents or any better a city manager than we have now.

We had planned to speak to Mr. Isley at a scheduled interview Sunday, June 9th and a candidate forum on Sunday, June 23rd on our radio show but although confirmed both dates, Mr. Isley canceled a week or so before.

Mr. Isley not only did you lie about seeking the Republican line, you went as far as to play on those who are uninformed and tried to paint Councilman Wallace as a Trump supporting Republican, playing on the national concerns of what the ‘gentleman’ (nicest word I could find to describe the current Colluder-In-Chief) in the White House.

What else have you lied about Mr. Isley? What else will you lie to the people about if they elect you to serve the city as Mayor? I noticed during the debate when talking about your history as Commissioner or the Westchester County Department of Corrections and The Mount Vernon Police Department an example of your leadership, but while you did not lie about that, you failed to mention you were fired from both jobs.

You failed to share you were the Police Commissioner over one of the most corrupt periods in the history of the department. According to another New York Times article from May 11, 1994.

…a Federal investigation began about a year ago after authorities received reports of corruption among the 176 members of the Mount Vernon Police Department, including three Mount Vernon police officers [who] stole $10,000 from a gym bag filled with cash while raiding an apartment where they believed a fugitive from Florida was hiding and the incident was captured on videotape…

Black Westchester has found you have not been truthful and you’re giving yourself an A, in Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership, was a bit high. It seems like you failed in all three categories. We know you won the Mount Vernon City Committee nomination and several Die-hard Democrats including the County Executive George Latimer endorsed you on Monday, June 10th (see picture below) but we have to say to the residents, make sure you do your homework on the candidates before you cast your vote Tuesday, June 25th, because as you can see from all the aforementioned Mr. Isley isn’t being honest with us and we do not need any more dishonesty from a candidate who came out of retirement and was fired from his last appointed position in the City of Mount Vernon.

Mr. Isley, you owe the residents of Mount Vernon an apology for lying and an explanation why you withheld the truth in order to get them to vote for you. To the elected official standing with Mr. Isley in the picture above, we are going to need you to do a much better job when you, who we voted for, stand with a candidate and tell us this is who you support to convince us to vote for them. To The United Black Clergy, you should have found this information, especially since it is all available online, and asked Mr. Isley at your debate so he would have had to explain himself to the people.

We need to do better if we are going to Save Our City, REAL TALK!!!!


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