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Derickson K. Lawrence Turns Road To 16th CD Congressional Seat Back Into A Two-Man Race

unnamed (1)16th CD Congressional candidate, Derickson K. Lawrence, delivers on his vow to fight back, and filed more than 5,000 signatures to create the People’s Choice line, providing an alternative on November 8.

Mount Vernon, NY — “We believe that in this election cycle, the people in the 16th CD deserve not only a choice, but a contest of ideas,” said Derickson K. Lawrence who filed 5,414 signatures in Albany, on August 2, 2016.

“I am thankful to my hardworking team and the some 5,000 Democrats, Republican and independents who signed my petition to give us this platform,” he continued.

In a lecture at Hilla University for Humanistic Studies in January 2004, the professor broke down Democracy as a Political System of Competition for Power, stating that Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct in office.

The people decide who will represent them at the local level, and who will head the government at the national and local levels.  They do so by choosing between competing parties in regular, free and fair elections. Government is based on the consent of the governed. Power flows from the people to the leaders of government, who hold power only temporarily.

Elections have to occur at regular intervals, as prescribed by law.  Those in power cannot extend their terms in office without asking for the consent of the people again in an election. For elections to be free and fair, they have to be administered by a neutral, fair, and professional body that treats all political parties and candidates equally. All parties and candidates must have the right to campaign freely, to present their proposals to the voters both directly and through the mass media…

Moving in the purest interpretation of the framework of the forefathers, Derickson K. Lawrence appears he will not let a little thing like being denied a position in the upcoming Democratic primary deny the will of the people. 5,414 people that is, who signed a petition to give the people a choice. In what appeared would be Congressman Engel running unopposed just may have turned back into a two-man race again.

It may be a longshot to go up against the incumbant but this country was founded on and has a rich history of long shots or outsiders shaking up the world and winning. Will Derickson K. Lawrence be the next to come out victorious against the establishment, only time and the voters will tell. We will be watching to see how this unfolds. But one things for sure, it is a race again.

“This election cycle is like no other; and the dysfunction increases the probability for an outsider to challenge the establishment and win,” Lawrence tells BW in closing. “Go to our website ; see how you can get engaged and make a difference; and join the movement to make Washington work for you.”  


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