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Congressional Candidate Derickson K. Slams “Do Nothing” Engel, Delivering $0 For Commuter Rail Safety

Yonkers — People’s Choice Congressional Candidate Derickson K. Lawrence slams Congressman Eliot Engel (16th Congressional District) at a press conference at at the Ludlow Metro-North Railroad station in Yonkers, Thursday morning,  calling the incumbent a ‘Do-Nothing’ Congressman for his failure to bring his district any money in Commuter Rail Safety.

On a cold and rainy Thursday, just after the railroad’s peek morning rush hours, Derickson K. criticized the incumbent Congressman for not delivering funds to his district for commuter rail safety.  Lawrence who is from Mount Vernon and is running as an Independent, cites $5 million in safety grants that were secured by Congresswoman Nita Lowey in the 17th claiming that Congressman Engel has delivered no funding for rail safety at all.  The 16th district includes Spuyten Duyvil, the location of the 2013 Metro North derailment that killed 4 passengers and injured another 60.

“In today’s environment of aging rail infrastructure, the accidents are becoming more frequent; commuters and workers’ lives are increasingly at risk; and that should be cause for concern,” said Derickson K. Lawrence tells BW. “It is unacceptable that our incumbent has zero to show for his efforts in this regard. The  riders and workers on the Hudson Line, Harlem line and New Haven line —which all run through this district— deserve better. If I am elected, I will fight for our fair share of federal dollars to protect the riding public and I will hold the MTA accountable.”

In addition to the Spuyten Duyvil derailment, a Long Island Railroad Commuter train struck a work train and then derailed, injuring 29 people. Thankfully, the injuries were not life-threatening. The derailment occurred just 9 days after a train barreled into the Hoboken Terminal, on Sept. 29, 2016, killing a young mother who was standing on the platform.

“These incidents highlight the need for greater scrutiny of safety practices at the MTA and of our tax dollars invested to upgrade rail equipment and systems – positive train control, to protect both MTA employees and the public,” Lawrence, an engineer by training, and the only challenger to Elliot Engel in the 16th CD added.

Nita Lowey, of the 17th Congressional District, secured a mass transit grant of over $5,000,000 for needed improvements, while the incumbent secured zero, according to published reports.  The silence from the incumbent of the 16th Congressional District has been deafening: “Elliot Engel is asleep at the switch,” said Lawrence. “The 16th Congressional District deserves a Congressman who will advocate vigorously on their behalf. If elected I will commit to bring home our fair share of Federal Grant Funds to enhance ‘PTC’ ” he continued.

A Democrat, Derickson K. Lawrence, People’s Choice candidate for the 16th Congressional District, is running as a coalition candidate on line 6-I.  His broad appeal has garnered endorsements on both sides of the aisle. Lawrence was endorsed by Democratic strongholds in Southern Westchester County and the Bronx. In particular, he was endorsed by the Co-op City News and several board members of the RiverBay Corporation— the management team of the 50,000 residential complex. He was also endorsed by Peace Action – a national PAC with some 200 chattered locations across the country – and its NY state affiliate PANYS. On the right, he was endorsed by the Republican parties in both the Bronx and Westchester Counties.

For more on Derickson K for Congress go to his campaign website.


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  1. I got Elliot’s flyer in the mail but not yours. I knew nothing about you. I live in Yonkers. Please come our to our community and lets meet you. We need to know the politicians that are fighting for our concerns. Yonkers suffers a lot because we see the same people every voting season that do nothing for the people. We need good leaders that understand black life for our stand point. We are the biggest cosumers in t the urban side and cant have programs for our youths to keep them encouraged to have better lives. We need leaders that can bring us together to gain a voice as a people. We need to understand flooding town hall meetings around budget time is a must so we are treated fairly and our communities are counted in allocation of fixing up. Well im happy I found black Westchester News and subscribe.

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