Peace Action New York State Endorses Derickson K. Lawrence (NY-16)

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Derickson K. Lawrence greeting a voter [Black Westchester]
Derickson K. Lawrence greeting a voter [Black Westchester]
Mount Vernon — Peace Action New York State endorsed several candidates for Congress who are champions for a common sense foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy and peace-driven solutions to today’s most entrenched conflicts. We know that bombing will not create peace, and we will elect leaders who share our vision of a world without war. Mount Vernon’s own Derickson K. Lawrence is among the five candidates who received endorsement from Peace Action New York State.

“I am pleased to get the endorsement from the New York State chapter of a national organization, which understands the value of a U.S. foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy and peace-driven solutions to today’s most entrenched conflicts,” said Derickson K. Lawrence.
“I believe our incumbent is out of step with the 16th CD by continuing to promote a Bush-Cheney war mentality in 2016,” he added.

In issuing the endorsement, Kate Alexander of Peace Action New York State made this statement: “Derickson K. Lawrence is promoting common sense foreign policy that calls on the U.S. to learn from the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan and remember that we cannot bomb our way to peace. By supporting measures like auditing the pentagon, which accounts for 54% of our annual discretionary budget, Lawrence will hold our military to rigorous standards and ensure that U.S. taxpayers are not writing a blank check for military solutions that are dangerous and ineffective, and even harmful to long-term peace for the U.S. and the world. His support for resettling Syrian refugees shows that Lawrence is aware of the long-term impact of military intervention and escalation, and illustrates that Lawrence would support a U.S. definition of global leadership that promotes common sense foreign policy, peace and human dignity instead of the current endless military intervention. We need a champion for peace in Congress, and that is Derickson K. Lawrence.”

“Separately, if PASNY can trust me with U.S. foreign policy, I ask 16th CD residents to also look at my regional economic policy, Lawrence concluded.

The other candidates endorsed by Peace Action include; Representative Clarke (NY-9), Representative Nadler (NY-13), Representative Paul Tonko (NY-20) and Zephyr Teachout (NY-19)

About Derickson K. Lawrence: Derickson Lawrence is running for the 16th Congressional District of New York, challenging incumbent Representative Engel. He reached out to PANYS to better understand the Syria crisis, after seeing one of our action alerts, and consistently turns to us for policy and messaging advice on foreign policy issues. Many of his views align with PANYS. He opposes a no-fly zone in Syria and supports the current diplomatic efforts to end the Civil War in Syria, along with alternatives to US military intervention. He supports taking practical steps towards the elimination of nuclear weapons, and therefore does not support the current proposal for the $1T nuclear weapons modernization budget. He supports the Iran JCPOA and would support an international ban on autonomous weapons.

About Peace Action: Peace Action is the nation’s largest grassroots peace network, with chapters and affiliates across the country placing pressure on Congress and the Administration to promote peace. At Peace Action, we believe that war is never a suitable response to conflict, that every person has the right to live without the threat from war and that America has the resources and responsibility to both protect and provide for its citizens.
Peace Action New York State challenges U.S. militarism in domestic and foreign policies through grassroots organizing by community and student leaders throughout the State. Together, we can work with elected leaders to create a U.S. foreign policy that promotes human needs, not endless war.

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