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Democratic Party Establishment Vs The London Reyes Movement by Delfim Heusler

The whole machine is fired up with the goal of stopping London Reyes and his movement from making the ballot.

Delfim Heusler, Editor, Publisher and Investigator Reporter of The Yonkers Insider.

As petitions seasons starts, one thing has become crystal clear to this writer and that is that the Democratic Party Establishment is doing everything in its power to try and stop the London Reyes Movement.

The whole machine is fired up with the goal of stopping London Reyes and his movement from making the ballot. Let’s not forget County Legislator Perez is supported by both political parties and machines of both parties.

We have faith in the London Reyes Movement to get on the ballot and give the voters of the 17th County Legislative District an actual choice.  I am proud to be a supporter of London Reyes and his team as they embark on attempting to get on the Democratic Party ballot and force a Democratic Party Primary versus Demopublican Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez.

Just look at County Legislator Perez’s voting record, she voted for every single county budgets that her master County Executive Robert Astorino has proposed. Tea Party Republicans would be proud of those mean-spirited budget proposed by County Exec Rob Astorino and passed by his rubberstamped county board with his two Demopublicans County Board Chair Michael Kaplowitz and Virginia Perez. Those budgets hurt Southwest Yonkers and it’s residents in a major way and Legislator Perez has also been a willing partner in working with County Exec Astorino’s war on women in our County of Westchester.

The question should be this year who does County Legislator Perez serve? Is it her constituents or her master County Exec Rob Astorino? What does the Yonkers Democratic Party stand for now that they stand behind County Legislator Perez when she votes and works with Republicans? The Democratic Party Establishment must truly understand what they are attempting to do and that is elect a County Executive Robert Astorino Lapdog in Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez. In my view, Perez is a DINO – Democrat-In-Name-Only! County Legislator Perez is a follower and not a leader.

In contrast, her opponent London Reyes is a real leader who will fight for South Yonkers every minute of every day and will always speak his mind whether popular or unpopular, he is honest and has a good heart and cares about people and wants to empower youth and his community. London’s record of community service has been a strong one, he has been doing it for over 15 years, always seeking to empower the people, youth, and his community. His non-profit AAA All Stars has really been a major help to our youth in our City of Yonkers. I stand 1000% behind the London Reyes Movement in this year’s election.

The Democratic Party Establishment will see that they have been played and fooled by Westchester County Legislator Perez, for she is no Democrat. She is County Exec Rob Astorino’s lapdog pure and simple. London Reyes is endorsed by the Independence and Working Families Parties. We will continue to report on the 17th County Legislative District race.

Originally written for the Yonkers Insider and republished in Black Westchester with permission of the author…

Delfim Heusler is the Editor, Publisher and Investigator Reporter of The Yonkers Insider. The Yonkers Insider exposes the corruption, going on in our City, County, and State. Email him at:, if you have info, story ideas to send me or Opinion Letters to the Editor. The Yonkers Insider.


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