June 6, 2023

Spotlight Joint: Dee-1 – Jay, 50, and Weezy [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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While, track is about five years old, when I hear something I feel the people need to hear, I have to share it. Here you got a young 20-something year old rapper kicking knowledge in rhymes. We have to uplift artists who dare to be different and do it right, who knwo what to do when they get the mic and the spotlight…  below is a sample of his lyrics, the whole last verse, check out the music video and leave ya feedback in the comment section

(Last Verse)
Picture this, we got the blind leading the blind
Man, how stupid can we get, I just couldn’t let it slide this time
Besides, my people need this
And I ain’t on a major label, so they can’t delete this
Ha, let’s go in:
Now every rapper needs to lose their deals and earn em back
Most of em done let the industry take em and turn em wack
I be spitting from the soul, so they feel ya boy
I want your EAR and your HEART, like Amelia, boy
Stop Snitching. That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard of
That’s why nobody spoke up when my dawg got murdered
Everybody trying to stay true to the rules
Forget the rules if the rules was devised by fools
Most rappers is puppets, that can’t be avoided
Being used for their stupidity, then getting exploited
By a man with a different color skin
But homie we grown men, so that’s why I blame us and them
Me and you, we’re David; the industry’s Goliath
I’m here to fight it, & all that trash, I don’t buy it
When I was lost, I used to look up to these cats
Now I pray for these cats,; How you love that
A young, dumb, desperate, money hungry rapper
First a label sees him, then they go in for the capture
Precisely what they’re after, another pawn
Talking bout the people you killed, pop pop pop pop… Hold on
They also like it when you talk about your drugs
How much you sell em for 18.5, oh that’s what’s up
I’m trying not to point, but I hope you get the point
These cats ain’t running the game right, I’ma get the point
Fight him, battle him, the media stay instigating
To us it’s real beef, to them it’s instant ratings
Then when somebody get shot, it’s such a problem
That same media’s now saying we should stop the violence
Ancestors of ours are screaming from the grave
Cause physically we’re free, but we’re still some mental slaves
Ancestors of ours are screaming from the grave
Cause physically we’re free, but we’re still some mental slaves
So what yall think?

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