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A Day Of Unity – One God, One People, One Voice

Muslims and Christians Worship Together at Mt Calvary CME "The Promise Church"

From the days of slavery, there has always been division of Afrikans in American, from the Field Negro and the House Negro. Some of it was systematic by design and some of it is we as Black People continue to find ways to divide ourselves.

In 2019 we know race is still an issue in the United States, but what’s even more of a shame is that Black people are still finding ways to tear each other down, ridicule each other, and find ways to separate us, based on skin color, our neighborhoods, and our familial backgrounds.

From the separation of light skin and dark skin Blacks to East Coast and West Coast Rappers, we are still finding ways to separate ourselves as Black people, and it was no difference when it came to religion. The division between Black Christians and the Nation of Islam has been and still is very real.

“How good and pleasant it is when my brothers and sisters live together in unity! – Psalm 133:1

Sunday, November 10th, I was blessed to attend a church service that was aimed to address just that and attempt to unity us. A Day of Unity – One God, One People, One Voice with two servants of God – I have come to have a whole lot of respect for Rev. Dr. Jeffrey R. Wheeler, Pastor of Mt. Calvary CME “The Promise Church,” and Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, East Coast Representative of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Student Minister of Muhammad’s Mosque #7 in Harlem – two individuals I have come to call my brothers and I have frequently worshipped at both of their Houses of Worship. Also in attendance was Iman Musa Abdul Ali of the Yusef Shah Islamic Center.

“Today was an amazing morning!,” Iman Musa Abdul Ali shared. “I had the honor and pleasure to stand with two AMAZING MEN of G-D Pastor Jeffrey R. Wheeler and Student Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad of the NOI. In the spirit of UNITY!!!! There is a movie named Drum Line and the high point of the Movie is when the Conductor of the Band said we are One Band One Sound. Three different Congregation with the Conductor is G-D and we all have the same sound. Love G-D and serve Humanity”

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity – Psalms 133:1

“So, what does Psalm 133 teach us about living together in Unity?” Rev. Wheeler asked. “Living together in unity is good, it is pleasant, and it is appropriate for us as sons and daughters of God.”

One Sunday service will not end all the division between Black Christians and The Nation of Islam but this Sunday at Mt. Calvary in Mount Vernon was a bridge builder in that endeavor. I was blessed to be in the house and experience it.

“Dwelling together in UNITY,” Min. Abdul Hafeez Muhammad shared. “Thanks to my Brother and Servant Rev. Dr. Jeffrey R. Wheeler! A wonderful day for Muslims and Christians in the county of Westchester, NY‼️ To God Be The Glory”

For far too long we have let our differences divide us instead of allowing our commonalities to unity us.

I’m sure many in attendance did not know what to expect but I felt most left with a better understanding of one another, which is the first step to building the bridge between us.

The service was full of both Christian and Islamic prayers and musically offerings and a strong sermon from Minister Hafeez.

One of the most beautiful things was Coach Mack bringing the Razorbacks to the service to experience the unity that took place. Young Black Boys need to see more unity from the strong Black Men working together.

Coach Mack and the Razorbacks presented the trophy from winning their super bowl to Rev Wheeler and got a powerful word and encouragement from Min Hafeez.

The media often displays what divides us, but Black Westchester wanted to share this event that united us. Much respect to both Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad for the Word and Rev. Dr. Jeffrey R. Wheeler for opening his doors to host this monumental worship service.

I pray that we as a people will be more open to learning more about each other, respecting our differences and celebrating our commonalities. I believe those in attendance Sunday, learned we have more in common than we were lead to believe. And it is in our coming together in unity that makes us stronger as a people.

To my Muslim Brothers and Sisters Assalam Alaikum and to my Christian Brothers and Sisters Peace Be unto you.


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