Mayor Davis Responds To Councilman Thomas & Legislator Williams

Mayor Ernie Davis at The MV Probation Office Closure press Conference [Black Westchester]

Mount Vernon – Just when you thought it was safe, the madness was over, the city officials were going to work together for a smooth transition, now that the election has passed and the voters chooses their candidate, the calm before the storm has ended. It was all good just a week ago. Robocalls of double-digit tax increases and contamination of soil brought into Memorial Field. Injunctions demanding a cease and desist of work done at the long closed stadium until Jan, 2, 2016, email blast, blogs and social media attacks from all sides. One of thing residents had hoped for with the change in administrations was the end of a city government divided.

A little more than six weeks after the general election, with just three weeks to go until the change of the guard, we seem to be no closer to achieving that, then we were before the November 3rd election. The current mayor and the mayor-elect are no closer to seeing eye to eye then they ere this time last year. With all the back and forth attacks from supporters on both sides, and the press conferences, Mayor Davis decides to officially respond to address things and set the record straight.

Mayor Ernest D. Davis never one to back down from a fight hits back with the two correspondents of his own. In the first letter Davis Responses To Richard Thomas’ premature request for letters of resignation to all appointees and non-civil service employees send out Tuesday. Davis says the letter is an act of intimidation that compromised the work product and morale of city employees. In the second letter send Friday, Davis Response to Lyndon Williams’ call for a town-hall meeting on Memorial Field, holding yet another town forum meeting on Memorial Field while doing nothing to prevent the December 15th closing of the Mount Vernon Probation Office and a number of other things Davis points out the Williams has failed to deliver on. Both letters can be viewed below by clicking on the links.

  1. Davis Responds To Richard Thomas
  2. Davis Responds To Legislator Lyndon Williams

Black Westchester is asking Mount Vernon residents to join us in a call for a meeting with our elected officials to sit down together and do whats best for the city. We posed this question to Davis and Thomas on People Before Politics Radio Episode 58, when Davis was a guest and Thomas called in to clear up what he felt was some untrue statements. Can we get a meeting so we can have a smooth transition. While we are not officially taking sides, we like many others see we can’t continue to go on like we have been.

Legislator Lyndon Williams and Mayor Elect Richard Thomas were holding a Town Hall Meeting on the 2016 Budget and Memorial Field at Unity Tabernacle Church at time of posting.