Davis Endorses Wallace For Mayor

Mount Vernon – Former Mayor Ernest D. Davis is endorsing Council President André Wallace for Mayor of Mount Vernon, nineteen days before the June 25th Democratic Primary. On Thursday, June 6th, Davis – who will not appear on the ballot due to challenges to his signatures – made the announcement via a statement, which Black Westchester has obtained.

Council President Andre Wallace and former MV Mayor Ernest D. Davis at the 2019 New Flex Winter Gala, February 22, 2019 [Black Westchester]

Let me thank the almost 3,000 people who signed my petitions. I am very honored that you wanted me to be your mayor again. Unfortunately, the forces that be, did not want this to happen. They put every obstacle in our way and being resourceful people we knew that even the worst intention would be followed by the best result.

We have been presented with problems unheralded in this city’s history.

My grandmother and grandfather gave me so much love and such an example to follow.

The first thing we’ve done is destroy our belief that we can be great as our ancestors hoped our generation would be.

We have made tremendous mistakes choosing our leaders. Some of our leaders did not take lessons from their forebears.

This city is in a very precarious situation with its integrity — and how we relate to each other —  destroyed. We will all continue to pay for it if we do not redirect our path. The young man isn’t talking to the old man.

The office of the mayor has been criminalized, and the taxpayers robbed — through the Water Department and the Urban Renewal Agency.

How many good mayors have there been in this city?

Not many. The people’s money spent for personal use, so many lies.

Many people have mastered the art of the spoken word with nothing to back it up. Many of the people running for mayor have been a part of creating this drastic situation we find ourselves in. Many of them have openly courted the people who perpetrated injustice on the people of this city.

You never know what your calling will be. God put me here for this occasion.

Nobody is perfect but André Wallace is our best hope to right this ship — and it won’t be easy.

As Frederick Douglass said, “it’s easier to build strong children than repair broken men.”

André is the best person to lead us into the 21st Century. Please join me in this fight to restore order, integrity, and trust to the leadership of this city by supporting André Wallace for mayor in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, June 25.

Despite Davis previous legal troubles, he is still one of the most popular Black elected officials in Westchester County and is looked up to by many youth and young Black Men.

Davis made history as one of the first African-American County Legislators in Westchester. Because of his popularity among African American voters, his endorsement of Wallace could help tip the scales in Wallace favor in the primary.

This endorsement follows endorsements by several local, state and national Black and Latino Law Enforcement organizations including the National Latino Officers Association, Grand Council of Guardians, Westchester Correction Association, Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association, The New York State Hispanic Court Officers Society and Salsa Legend and Civil Rights Activist Willie Colon.

Mayor Davis appeared on the People Before Politics Radio Show, Sunday, June 2nd and ran down his take on all the mayoral candidates running in the Tuesday, June 25th primary (see video below).

Wallace will face Mayor Richard W. Thomas, former Mount Vernon Planning Commissioner Shawyn Patterson-Howard and former MVPD Commissioner Clyde Isley in the upcoming Democratic Primary, Tuesday, June 25th.