June 8, 2023
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Dave & Buster’s Family & Friends Preview Party

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New Dave & Buster’s Opens In Pelham Manor

Pelham Manor — Dave & Buster’s in Pelham Manor invited the community to a special Friends & Family Preview Party, Saturday night, two days before it officially opens up for business.

Dave & Buster’s located at 881 Pelham Parkway, which officially opens for business, Monday, April 27, treated the community lucky enough to get ticket to a free entrée per person, free appetizer per table (both off the sample menu) a free non-alcoholic drinks (alcohol was available to purchase) and a free $10 power card to play the games (which entitled the holder to a free entrée on their next visit), to be used by June 7th.

The preview party was filled a nice mixture of neighboring cities. Several Mount Vernon residents who recognized BW mentioned to us, but preferred not to be recorded that the liked the new establishment which is close, but were sadden by the fact they had to leave Mount Vernon to spend their entertainment dollars.

One gentleman names Ed in his early thirties told BW, I’m loving the fact we have a place o play video games and have a rink or two, while the kids play all in one place”

Another gentleman in his mid 40’s, from Mt. Vernon who was there with wife, kids and a few nieces and nephews, expressed his hopes Mount Vernon would soon attract businesses like Dave & Buster’s so he and his family didn’t have to leave Mount Vernon to enjoy themselves.

“This is great, but the truth is we need to be able to attract businesses like this to Mt. Vernon, maybe we can get some much needed changes in the city, in the election and vote in some politicians who can truly build up Mt. Vernon.”

Even with that said, all we spoke to from Mount Vernon said they were happy to have D&B’s close by and that they wouldn’t let that stop them from patronizing. All were excited the new D&B’s was opening and look forward to frequenting it.

Mount Vernon City Council candidate, André Wallace, his son Aron, two of his friends and a few other family members were enjoying some quality family time before the campaigning season official kicks off in a month or so.

D&B’s location should draw a good steady clientage.

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