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The Point Of It All with International Point Guard Dave Boykin..


I’d say this man knew his purpose from birth. Some figure it out along the way and some just know. You could argue with me, but.. the fact is when you’re as good as he is, it’s in the DNA and the stats speak for themselves. When you think of the great guards like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, Iverson, Nash, Thomas, some of which he admires you have to add him in there, you indeed reflect who you respect. Point Guards are the unselfish floor generals that set the pace of the game, they’re multidimensional players on both sides of the court. If you got handle, can assist, and you have a jumper, listen.. Move out the way!

He has proven he is and has all the above! He’s played for  Germany, China, and Columbia to name a few, and has won numerous awards and accolades in his point guard position. While in his hometown of White Plains, NY, we were able to catch up with Mr. International and take a glimpse into his past, present and future. The down to earth family oriented humble baller was very forthcoming about his past experiences, where he is now, and what he’d love for his future. Black Westchester it is my pleasure to introduce International Basketball Star Mr. Dave Boykin..

How and when did your love for basketball begin..?
My love for basketball began at the age of 3. My parents always had a toy basketball hoop in our apartment growing up. My pops was the first person to introduce me to the game. He always told me stories about his favorite player, Magic Johnson, and then I was blessed to grow up in the era of the great Michael Jordan. Growing up, everybody wanted to be like MIKE!! My first favorite sport was actually football though! I had dreams to play in the NFL first, but basketball took over as my favorite sport in around the 6th grade.

For those who don’t know please explain the position you play..?
I play the Point Guard Position! This position is arguably the most important position on the floor. As the point guard, you serve as a coach on the court. My job is to direct my troops, and just to be the brains of the operation. The point guard position came natural to me. I always had a solid handle with the ball, and I’ve always been a leader coming up. Every coach that I’ve had growing up, always put me at that position. I enjoy being the positive leader out there. I always feel that I have the ability to get the best out of everyone on the court, and that’s why I love playing that position.

What was the hardest decision you had to make regarding your career…?
The hardest decision that I had to make in my basketball career was the decision to transfer from Fordham University to The University of Bridgeport after my sophomore year in college. I never saw eye to eye with my coach at Fordham, and I just realized that a change in scenery would be best for my career. Fordham is great academic school, and competes in a great athletic conference, so it was difficult to give up on the school. I had to make this decision while not knowing what to expect from my new school. Lucky for me, it turned out to be the best decision I could ever make. My new coach put the FUN back into playing this sport that I love. After I few difficult years of not getting the playing time I deserved at Fordham, I was welcomed to Bridgeport with open arms, and given the green light to play my game. To this day, I thank my parents for being by side while I made this decision, because who knows how things would have turned out if I didn’t make the transfer.


Who was the most influential players to you growing up & now..?
My parents have always been the most influential people to me growing up. Not many people are fortunate enough to grow up with both parents in the household. This is something I never took for granted. The always stressed to me the importance of having integrity, fighting for you want, being your own person, have fun, and doing things the right way at all times. These are values that I live by, on and off the court. Other than them, the most influential player for me growing up was Michael Jordan. He single handedly forced me and millions of others to fall in love with the game of basketball. His impact on the game is indescribable, and I’m just glad to be able to say that I witnessed greatness. There were tons of players that I’ve looked up on the professional level, and the local level, but Jordan’s impact stands out on another level. Today, since I play pro ball myself, there’s not many famous players that have an influence on me. I’m more so impressed and influenced by my fellow local hoopers that are still doing their thing. Guys who I grew up with like, Devon Austin, Torey Thomas, Sean Kilpatrick, Mell Cromartie, Rashad James, and a few more who I missed, all inspire me to keep working, and striving for new success in basketball.

In a perfect world that you would be in control of.. Who would be your starting 5..? And your 6th man..?
In a perfect world, my all time starting five would be;
Point guard: Magic Johnson
Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan
Small Forward: Lebron James
Power Forward: Tim Duncan
Center: Shaquille Oneil
6th man: DAVE BOYKIN

What team would be your dream to play for..?
This is an easy one!! My dream team to play for would be the NEW YORK KNICKS!! Hopefully we can still make that a reality one day in the near future.

How would you like to remembered in the game…?
Last season I played in Colombia, for Piratas de Bogota. I had a great time there and we had a great season! I am currently a free agent, and in the process of finding the next great opportunity for me. I won’t be heading back to the same team this season, would be against returning there in the future.

What advice could you give children that look up to you that would like to do what you do..??
My advice for any children that look up to me, is to put 100% in whatever it is you want to do. Ask questions and listen to the people who have already done it before you, to gain the knowledge necessary to make it! Try your best to stay away from all the distractions and temptations that can/will detour you from your goals. Stay on top of the academic part of the equation, because without the school grades, you will never even get to see the court! Last but not least, you have to be able to realize and do what’s best for you. If you really want to succeed, you can’t be worried about pleasing the masses. You have to figure out what is important to you, and make every sacrifice possible that betters your chances of success. All dreams are possible, regardless of the size! Regardless if whether or not our dreams are realized, it’s completely up to us, if we’re going to give the effort to make it possible.image

Awesome advice!! We look forward to seeing where his career takes him! Dave’s point of his journey is he gives 100% to this game, with that being said who knows, the Knicks would be an amazing chapter to read next! We’d definaley be watching! You can follow everything Dave Boykin on his social media sites below:

Facebook: Dave Boykin
Instagram: @Daveboykin


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