June 8, 2023
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BW Community Spotlight: Danette Chavis – A Mother Speaks (The Game is Tag, Don’t Be It)

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Black Westchester Community Spotlight: Danette Chavis- A Mother Speaks

Continuing our series of spotlighting individuals in the community who tirelessly and selfless put in work, but you will never read about what they do in the mainstream media.

We spotlight a lady who doesn’t know the word quit. She not only speaks up for justice for her own son, she lost, but for every child that was killed at the hands if the police. Anywhere there is a rally or a march for justice, you will find this sistah there standing in support for justice. I often tell her she is like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going and going…

Danette started a petition for National Action Against Police Brutality  to demand justice in the cases of police criminality.

On October 11th, two days after the 10th anniversary of the day her son Gregory Chavis lost his life at the hands of NYPD her petition as reached over 15,000 signatures.

We salute our sistah by sharing an early video of her speaking, a rare video she just came across. Danette Chavis, an Activist, Petition Organizer and a mother who lost her son to police brutality and continues to fight for justice shares her thoughts to a group of young people in the Bronx.

Danette Chavis;  A Mother Speaks (The Game Is Tag, Don’t Be It)
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od-K26wdDGM&w=800&h=600]

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