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Damon K. Jones Announces Release Of New Book Eating Clean & Juicing 2 Live

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Following the release of his first book, The Empowering Benefits of Detoxing, Cleansing & Eating Clean Black Westchester Publisher Damon K. Jones officially announces the release of his new book Eating Clean and Juicing 2 Live, which is now available on Amazon.

“Juicing Is a great way to start your journey to health and wellness,” Jones shares. “It requires minimal digestion. The calories and other nutrients in juice need very little digestion, so the body absorbs the nutrients quickly; this unused energy is available to repair and rejuvenate the body. You absorb many micronutrients. Juicing provides tons of micronutrients with minimal calories, and one could very quickly juice fast and only consume a few hundred calories per day. You will lose much weight as long as you keep the amount of fruit juice under control. Your body gets a chance to repair itself. Without the stress of digesting food, your body can spend time and energy on other things to enhance your overall health and lose weight.”

This is the second in a series of books by Jones on living a healthier lifestyle. The book is full of recipes of what juices and blends to make to help you with different ailments, arthritis, asthma, bronchiolitis, constipation, diabetes, depression, diarrhea, eczema, high blood pressure, fatigue, and even hangovers just to name a few. The book also includes a seven-day detox. The book contains many smoothies and juicing recipes.

Damon is famous for saying Black Lives have to matter to Black People first before they can matter to anyone else, that includes Black Health. Eating Clean and Juicing 2 Live is now available on Amazon.

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