Damon Dash: My Cousin Stacey Is Coonin’ For Fox News

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Stacey Dash made national news again. This time it was for saying that we should ban Black History Month and that the BET Awards were just as racist as the Oscars. The ridiculous commentary has been great for ratings on her new home, Fox News, as expected, the controversy led to outrage throughout the entire African-American community. Even to the point, this time it left some wondering if she was trying to impress white people so badly that she would disrespect her own community.

In a recent interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Damon Dash speaks about his cousin Stacey and her remarks. While Dash does feel that Jada Pinkett Smith showed a bit of self-interest in her criticism of the Oscars, he believes that black people should be fighting for their own communities.

Damon has a new film soon to be released called “Too Honorable.”

You can take the course being taught by Dr. Watkins and Damon Dash by visiting IntelligentBossMoves.com.

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